A Simple Recipe For Winning On Saturday

We'll get to the key matchups and our predictions later this week, but this game begs for many cracks at observation. When I say there is a simple recipe for winning, let's start with the head coaches. Mack Brown is older than Mike Gundy, and Brown was running back in his college days at Florida State and definitely a coach that appreciates the need to run the football to control the game.

Brown has had plenty of flash and glitter in his days as an offensive coordinator but at the end of the day you'd better be able to run the ball and get it done. Texas is fourth in the Big 12 in running with the football averaging 197.3 yards a game.

Gundy was a college quarterback and as much as he enjoyed throwing passes in the vicinity of Hart Lee Dykes, Gundy enjoyed handing the football to Thurman Thomas, Barry Sanders and Gerald Hudson and watching them ramble, rumble, and sprint down the field for game controlling rushing yards.

Gundy's teams at Oklahoma State have run the ball well over the years. He professes that his offense will always strive to be balanced and always run the ball when they need to. The Cowboys are fifth in rushing offense and sitting at an average of 169.7 yards a game and it needs to go up.

On the other side of the ball the defensive coordinators, Glenn Spencer of Oklahoma State and Greg Robinson of Texas, understand that their unit needs to stop the run.

The Cowboys are second in the league in rushing defense averaging allowing 131.7 yards a game and Texas is down at eighth giving up an average of 185.1 yards a contest. Now much of that came in the disastrous BYU loss in week two of the season when the Cougars and quarterback Taysom Hill ravaged the Horns for 550 rushing yards. Hill rushed for 259 yards and three touchdowns.

Do you think Clint Chelf can do a Taysom Hill impersonation? Probably not but Chelf could hit for some huge runs if the Cowboys pick the right times, which is saying when it is least expected.

It's also encouraging that the Cowboys offensive line is coming together and is going into their fifth game of working together as a consistent unit. Meanwhile, the Longhorns may have to shuffle on the offensive line with right tackle Kennedy Estelle questionable, depending on how his treatment goes this week.

The team that runs the best and defends the run the best can go past "Go" and keep on the road and a collision course with Baylor for the Big 12 championship. If the two teams are even in the run game then you can start adding up some of the other areas like pass yards, big plays in the kicking game, and anything else that looks pertinent.

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