Gundy Impressed With Baylor Bears

How could you not be impressed with impressed with the Baylor Bears? Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy knows what it is like to possess an explosive offense that can put the fear of god into an opposing defense. But 61.2 points per game, 684.8 total yards and a breakdown of 300.3 rushing yards and 384.4 passing yards a game? That is an offense way beyond what Oklahoma State has had in recent years.

So how do you deal with an offense like that? Gundy skipped the defensive plan off the top and went straight to what he feels his offense will have to do Saturday when the 10th-ranked Cowboys host the 4th-ranked Bears.

"We have to score because they're going to score," Gundy answered when asked what his team needed to do to beat the Bears. "In a situation against a team that is as successful as they are on both sides of the ball.

"Defensively, you have to have a great plan, and they have to understand it and run to the ball and play with great effort. There's only so many ways you can line up on defense; similar to the flip side of the conversation that we were having here a couple of years ago. That doesn't really change much in a game.

"Offensively, we have to run our plays and we have to play our game," Gundy continued. "In the kicking game we have to try to find a way to be sound and win that part of the game. That gives us a chance to win the game."

A lot of the strong impression that Gundy has regarding the Bears offense has to do with the quarterback Bryce Petty. Petty is far and away the best signal caller in the conference this season with 2,992 passimg yards for 24 touchdowns to just one interception. He is averaging 346.6 yards of total offense a game.

"He is as accurate a thrower as we've had in this league going back four or five years," Gundy said. "There's a number of guys playing today at the highest level. I don't look into the draft and I don't have a clue what the NFL ratings are on quarterbacks but in my opinion he is very good and he is very accurate.

"There were people that mentioned his name, but highly touted, thinking of stars, he maybe didn't have as many as the way he is playing today. He's a five-star guy now. I don't know what he was when he came out."

Baylor coach Art Briles was complimenting Petty as well, but this time in reference to why the third (Shock Linwood) and fourth (Devin Chafin) running backs have been so good and so productive in the absence of Lache Seastrunk and Glasco Martin, both out with injuries.

"First off it's a tribute to our offensive line and Bryce Petty, without question," Briles said of the situation. "If you don't have the threat to throw the ball, you have a hard time running the ball. If you can't effectively throw the football, you have a hard time running the ball.

"Bryce has done that and our receivers have done that. Plus, our offensive line started out as the strength of our football team and I think that's held true throughout these four months. That allows people to plug in and be successful."

Now Briles did do some complimenting of Oklahoma State on Monday, but not as much as the kind words were being passed out about the Bears in Stillwater. Briles compliments had to do with past Baylor trips to Stillwater.

"They've just played better than we have when we've been up there," Briles said. "You could probably speak to quite a few universities with that. It's just the nature of the business.

"We've certainly got to do a better job of tightening up our focus, making sure our game plan is right and eliminating anything that might give them added momentum during the game. We've got to play really clean and be really sharp with our focus. I think we're going in there as a more mature football team than we have in the past."

Both Briles and Gundy are both correct, and I'm hoping that any bad feelings I might be having about the Bears trip to Stillwater this time around will be dismissed by late Saturday night.

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