Clint Chelf Is Mr. Cool

What is it about Clint Chelf that makes him so calm and collected? "I think the thing about him is he is so relaxed and he doesn't let things bother him and that is a good way for him to be with our offense," said senior offensive guard Parker Graham of Oklahoma State's senior quarterback.

"He was so relaxed and calm even when he was not playing, and I think he has come so far since last season. Saturday against Texas he was throwing the ball into some tight windows (in the passing game) and getting them in," Graham said.

Yes, Clint Chelf is the Cowboys "Mr. Cool" and he seems to be that way no matter what the situation. Oh, Chelf gets excited and he enjoys what is going on right now, but he gets excited like the elder statesman in "Most Interesting Man" Dos XX Beer commercials. I could see Chelf subbing in for that guy when he finally turns gray, but considering how relaxed he is that may be a very long time.

"He played with a lot of poise. He's a great leader, made a lot of great decisions and got us into some good plays," offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich said of Chelf's play in the win over Texas. "He did a great job not only in the passing game, but also the running game as well.

"As a runner, Clint Chelf is a good athlete, and he has really good feet. He has good game speed. He may not run the fastest 40, but when someone who outweighs him by 50 pounds is chasing him, he can turn on the turbo boosters. He's done a great job."

He'll need to be even more relaxed against Baylor. The Oklahoma State offense will have all it can handle with the Baylor defense without worrying, as I'm convinced many opposing offenses have been, with the scoring prowess of the Bears offense.

"We're going to try to execute our offense to the best of our ability and let the chips fall where they may," Yurcich added. "We're just trying to look through the film like we do every week and trying to prepare the best game plan we can come up with."

The defense, after all, is enough to compete with.

"It's the same stuff you've faced against any good defense," Yurcich said. "You have to concern yourself with your play, making sure your assignments are sound and making sure you're taking care of the football while coming away with points on every series."

"We know that this game's going to be very physical for us up front, for both offense and defense, and we know we're just going to have to put more points on the board than them," Graham said. "We've got to make sure and get each opportunity we have to score because we know that they score points in bunches.

"We're making sure we fire on all cylinders, and hopefully everything will work out for us."

The secret weapon for this team is really tied into the calm nature of Chelf. The Enid, Okla. senior waited his time and while he sat he supported then starting quarterback J.W. Walsh, now Walsh does the same for Chelf.

The Cowboys strength is just that. They get that football is a team sport and as many great coaches have said including former Rams and Redskins coach George Allen, "A team full of men standing together and for each other cannot be beat."

"It's just a camaraderie we have, as the older guys and as the team throughout," Graham, explained. "We understand that the enemy's on Saturday, and we're not fighting with ourselves and stuff, we're just using each other to get better every day in practice and that's showing up on the field."

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