How Saturday Impacts OSU, BCS Projections

Wow, number one Alabama goes down to Auburn on a field goal return of 100 yards for a touchdown. Clemson loses to South Carolina again, and there goes another one loss team. Ohio State could have lost to Michigan in Ann Arbor, but Brady Hoke jumped the gun on the two-point conversion. It all happened Saturday and the question on the mind of Oklahoma State fans is how does it impact the Cowboys.

Not as much as you might think. For your beloved Cowboys there is still just one prescription to finish the season, beat the hell out of OU and move on to the Fiesta Bowl!

After the dust clears, here is the way we project the BCS standings on Sunday night.

Projected Week 15 BCS standings
1. Florida State 12-0. Next game: vs. Duke in the ACC Championship
2. Ohio State 12-0. Next Game: vs. Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship
3. Auburn 11-1. Next Game: vs. Missouri in the SEC Championship
4. Alabama 11-1. Next Game: bowl game
5. Missouri 11-1. Next Game: vs. Auburn in the SEC Championship
6. Oklahoma State 10-1. Next Game: vs. Oklahoma
7. Stanford 10-2. Next Game: vs. Arizona State in the Pac-12 Championship
8. South Carolina 10-2. Next Game: bowl game
9. Baylor 10-1. Next Game: vs. Texas
10. Michigan State 11-1. Next Game: vs. Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship

Other Automatic Qualifiers:
UCF 10-1. AAC champion (Need to win last game at SMU)
Northern Illinois 12-0 (if they win the MAC championship game)

BCS Bowl Projections
I went through the selection procedures and I know that most projections have the BCS bowl buster (Northern Illinois) being in the Fiesta Bowl. But after the two teams that qualify for the BCS National Championship Game, the slotted host teams for the bowls, and the selections by the bowls losing slotted host teams to the BCS National Championship, I went through the selection order and here is what I came up with as BCS bowl matchups. I have one with Ohio State in the BCS title game and another with the SEC Championship Game winner in the BCS National Championship Game.

BCS Game
Fla.St. vs. Ohio St. (Big 10)
Fla.St. vs. Aub./Mizzou (SEC)

Rose Bowl
Stanford vs. Mich. State (Big 10)
Stanford vs. Ohio St. (SEC)

Sugar Bowl
Aub./Mizzou vs. UCF (Big 10)
Alabama vs. No. Ill. (SEC)

Orange Bowl
Alabama vs. No. Ill. (Big 10)
Clemson vs. UCF (SEC)

Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma State vs. Arizona State (Big 10)
Oklahoma State vs. Michigan State (SEC)

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