Senior Linemen Pave The Way For Cowboys

Before the kickoff on Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium public address announcer Larry Reece will introduce 27 seniors for their last home game as Oklahoma State Cowboys. Two of those will be offensive line starters Brandon Webb and Parker Graham.

Webb and Graham are finishing their careers at guard. Webb starts at left guard and Graham at right guard.

Webb is the son of a former OU All-American offensive guard Terry Webb, while Graham came to Oklahoma State from the very successful and proud Webb City (Mo.) High School program. They may have come to Stillwater from different directions but when it comes to Bedlam they both come to the same conclusion.

"I don't think we've got my dad to the point of wearing orange yet," said Webb. "He'll wear black and I'm hoping to get him to wear a mostly black hat with orange letters. But as for wearing orange, he just says, 'can't do it."

"It was definitely not the way we wanted to end things last year, but going down there and playing the way we did was a good feeling," Graham said of last season's Bedlam meeting.

"For me, it's the best game that we can play. It's the best way to end the season for us, as far as the regular season is concerned. There's no better way to go out there with a Big 12 championship on the line. Basically, we're where we've wanted to be since spring ball of last year," Graham said.

Graham and Webb both agree that OU has a strong defensive line and that a major key for the offense will be winning the line of scrimmage.

"They've got some big, athletic guys in there that like to stop the run," Graham said. "They're going to give us a good test compared to what we've seen this season. We wouldn't have it any other way, as far as the offensive line is concerned."

"We've put ourselves in this position, and this is pretty much where we wanted to be at the end of the year," Webb added of the Cowboys situation. "We had to focus in a lot more. We've been studying – everyone's been studying, doing their extra stuff – because we want it. That's just kind of how it's been. We knew what we wanted to do, and everyone's just kind of going after it right now."

Something that Webb and Graham both agree on – and I agree with both of them – is that this run toward a similar conclusion to the season feels different than the previous two years.

"Back in 2011, we had a bunch of big names in Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon," Graham explained. "While we have great players this year, I think it has been more of a team effort for us.

"This whole season in general has really shown the commitment that the seniors have and the leadership that we have. We have been able to push through everything and overcome obstacles to get to where we are right now."

One thing is certain, Graham and Webb have both earned their stripes with head coach Mike Gundy and offensive line coach Joe Wickline. This duo has played well with different players on the line in the past and has been the foundation of what has now become a solid offensive line this season.

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