One-on-One With Mike Gundy (Part 1)

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was a guest Wednesday morning on Triple Play Sports Radio in Stillwater. The head coach had been on the road for several days recruiting but was back in the office for a day, so it was a good time to look ahead to the bowl game and recruiting, and in the rearview mirror at the Bedlam game and the season. Part one deals with the bowl game and recruiting.

Part two will deal with the aftermath of the season and the emotions coming off of the loss in Bedlam.

Question: How is everything going?
Gundy: Good, just got off the road and doing bowl schedules, practices, itineraries, times, recruiting. This is the busiest time of the year for us because we are preparing for another game but we are heavy into recruiting, coaches traveling, and a lot of planning going on. Not a dull moment around our offices for the next three weeks.

Question: Yesterday I had Josh Henson on the radio. The offensive coordinator at Missouri is a former Cowboy player and assistant coach but reminded me that his son, Will, was born the week OSU beat Nebraska for the first time since 1961. I think it was 2003 season. He told me you and Coach (Les) Miles sent him home when he came from the hospital to try to coach at practice. Now Will is 11 years old and it shows you how time flies.
Gundy: No question, he came back and we ran him off. One, because Les wanted to coach the tight ends; don't kid yourself. He wanted to actually coach that week and that allowed him to get on the field. We were doing so much blocking with our tight ends back then that he really wanted to do it himself. It is very important that our coaches and support staff in the football office have lives outside of football. It can't be all about football. He (Henson) is a great Cowboy and has been a really good friend to us and the Oklahoma State family. He has done a good job as they are really good on offense and really good as a football team overall. He's done a great job with that offense.

Question: Your thoughts on the matchup with Missouri? There are a lot of names and faces still on that team from the last time we played them in the Big 12 in Columbia in 2011? The quarterback James Franklin and the running back Henry Josey hurt his knee in that game and has been a great comeback story with over 1,000 yards this season.
Gundy: There really are (lot of familiar faces) and the two programs are really similar from a history standpoint. They have made runs over the last few years and gained stature from a national perspective. The recruiting, we run into them a lot because we recruit a lot of the same players. We go head to head with them a lot in Texas and sometimes in Kansas City. Coach (Gary) Pinkel has been there now for some 14 or 15 years, and believe it or not I've been here now going on my 10th year. There is a lot of similarities in the programs. I think this is one of the better matchups in the bowl season if you look at it from the BCS National Championship (game) on down and across the country and rate the matchups for what would be exciting to watch. If I were just a fan then I would think this would be as good as any BCS matchup out there. It should draw a large television audience and it is in a great location for both of us. Missouri likes to recruit in the Dallas area and we all know we make our living down there so it couldn't get any better for Oklahoma State.

Question: I know you can't mention any names but recruiting seems to be going really well. With last year's class, much of which you were able to red shirt, and this year's class the way it is shaping up it looks like you have two anchor-type classes.
Gundy: No question, we've been very fortunate here in recruiting with our facilities, and they allow us to get our foot in the door and then we've won a lot of football games and we have a team of young men that love being around each other and the lifestyle here on an everyday basis is as good as there is in the country. So there is an anchor, real foundation and core group that helps us. We are going to run out of scholarships. There are going to be more quality young men that want to graduate and do the right thing and are good football players that want to go to Oklahoma State than we have scholarships for. We are going to take a big class. We just signed off the other day on 28 seniors before the OU game and so we are going to take 26 or 27 or so this year (in recruiting). We don't have enough scholarships for the number of young men that want to play football and graduate from Oklahoma State University.

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