The Cowboys' House Of Hobbits

Melody Holcomb, daughter of OSU radio analyst John Holcomb, has a new favorite football player, and his name is Clint Chelf. It has nothing to do with Chelf's perseverance or recently being named All-Big 12 second team. Legolas is her favorite character in The Hobbit series, and in the new movie "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." Check out the picture that has become popular on Twitter.

From left to right, that costumed likeness of Radajast is former Enid All-State and Northeastern Oklahoma A&M lineman Tanner Newby, the obvious likeness of Gandalf is All-Big 12 linebacker Caleb Lavey, in the middle is All-Big 12 Cowboys linebacker Shaun Lewis pretty much playing himself with a sword in hand, Chelf is dressed as Legolas, and finally Oklahoma State center Jake Jenkins as a rather larger that fiction Thorin.

The photo debuted Thursday night on Twitter where the cast and Cowboys are @msys_newby, @ShishhCabob, #shaun, @Cchelf10, and @jenkinsj54.

"It was a spur of the moment deal. We wanted to go see the movie "The Hobbit" and one of our roommates (Tanner Newby) wanted to dress up, and we went and got some stuff, threw together a cheap outfit, and called it a day," explained Chelf of the picture and the event.

Told that the picture has become popular and really made the Cowboys popular with the crossover of football and Hobbit fans, Chelf said he enjoyed the levity of the evening, especially following final exams and the tension and disappointment following the loss in Bedlam.

Chelf spoke Friday to the media for the first time since very early in the season and for the first time to the Cowboys Radio Network since his return to playing time against TCU.

"You need to go see the movie and he (Legolas portrayed by actor Orlando Bloom) does a great job," Chelf said. "It was just something we wanted to do, a bunch of roommates having fun. It was cool."

Was it therapeutic? "Absolutely, let your hair down with the first practice for the bowl," the quarterback added. "Like I said, it was something we threw together at the last minute and went with it."

Chelf lives off campus with teammates Lavey and Jenkins along with his good friend Newby, and Lewis went along for fun, albeit minus a costume. Jenkins agreed it was a good release.

"Once you get out of football, you kind of relax and have a good time and be with your boys," Jenkins agreed. "We would do that more often if we had time."

It was actually a continuation of something the guys tried to do weekly during the season.

"We try and do Tuesday night, stimulus Tuesday, just go up and watch the new flick and eat some popcorn and get ready for practice," Jenkins explained.

Not that Chelf is a small guy, but Jenkins along with Newby may have had the biggest challenge as Hobbits aren't normally the size of linemen.

"It was hard, he had a difficult time finding the correct size for him (not many Hobbits are 6-3, 298 pounds). He threw together a graduation outfit as part of his costume," Chelf said grinning. "He did a good job."

"Mine was last minute, so it was kind of difficult," said Jenkins, blaming it more on not having enough time than his size. "We were at Costumes, Balloons, and Things and we kind of went around for 30 minutes just looking. We finally found something."

It was a return for Chelf in talking to the media after an extended period of time off.

"You never forget, you guys are all friendly so not a big deal for me," the smiling senior said.

It was nice to talk about another season where Chelf did his impersonation of being a real Unsinkable Molly Brown, a movie and Broadway musical that is much older than Chelf. He rose from being third team last season to being the Most Valuable Player in the Heart of Dallas Bowl win over Purdue and this season started the opener, was relegated to backup, and rose again to quarterback most of a seven-game win streak and earn second-team All-Big 12 honors.

"That is exciting, and obviously at the beginning of the year you want to be on the awards list and all that stuff," Chelf said. "That is a tribute to my teammates and getting the ball in their hands. Let Des (Desmond Roland) run and the receivers catch the ball, and those guys block.

"It's a tribute by how many guys we had on it. Our coaches had a great plan all year for us and it is really exciting for me as a player in that you want to be on it. It's a team effort I say."

It's a one-of-a-kind story in OSU football history and I can't think of a player that has overcome so many road blocks to get on top and then get back on top again.

"Absolutely, it's something that I will have forever." Along with a picture of he and his teammates and roommates dressed as Hobbits.

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