Best Of The Cotton Bowl

A compilation of quotes through two days of media availability with players and coaches from Oklahoma State and Missouri at the AT&T Cotton Bowl.

OSU quarterback Clint Chelf on how much this game means: "It means a lot. Personally, when you go through as much as I've been through, you always want to go out with a win. We fell short this season and didn't win the Big 12 like we had set out to do, so getting that taste out of your mouth and winning the last game is something as seniors we're all really looking forward to."

Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham on how the OSU defense compares to SEC teams: "I feel like they play just like Florida. They were pretty big and stacked and they all run to the ball well. They all went out and made plays, too."

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel on OSU's ability to force turnovers: "I thought we were pretty good in turnovers until I saw the national stats, and they're a few slots ahead of us. I think they've got it going. When you're real good at turnovers, obviously you're physical and your intention is certainly to go for the ball. You're not just trying to tackle, you're trying to claw and force the ball out."

OSU cornerback Tyler Patmon on the Big 12 vs. the SEC: "There's always pride on the line. When you come to a bowl game you're playing a team from a different conference, and you always want to represent not only your team but your conference well."

MU safety Matt White on the talent of Big 12 and SEC: "Coming from the Big 12 just two years ago, there are players in that league just as well as SEC that definitely have NFL potential."

OSU defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer on the Missouri wide receivers: "All of a sudden they have some deeper balance. Now all of a sudden it doesn't have to be a perfect throw for them to make a play. As a defensive coordinator, that scares you. It doesn't have to be a perfect throw. Those guys can go up and get it and make a play."

OSU defensive tackle Calvin Barnett on his personal maturation: "Three years ago, I was one of the most arrogant and cocky players you might ever meet. That was just something I had to figure out myself and take the time to change that and figure out what was reality and my situation and things I needed to do. Three years ago, I probably wouldn't even get interviewed, because I would be up here saying some crazy stuff. I've become a real team player at this point, and my coaches have helped me come to this level."

OSU cornerback Justin Gilbert on the defense depending on one another: "(Glenn Spencer) has had that every game. He says, "Look at everyone around this room." Then he says, "What is he going to think of you tomorrow when you walk into film. Is it going to be positive or negative?" We always want to put out something positive."

Gilbert on staying at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center: "The hotel we're staying in, it's amazing. The only bad thing is we may need some electric scooters to ride around in because it's so big."

OSU linebacker Shaun Lewis on AT&T Stadium: "It was crazy, so surreal for me. I have been in some pretty nice stadiums but that is one of the best if not the best stadium in the country from all levels of athletics."

Missouri offensive coordinator Josh Henson on facing his alma mater: "You take the emotions out of it. It's just another game. The truth is every day I'm with the guys in this room and the guys on this Missouri team, and that's where my heart and soul is every day. Obviously do I have special feelings toward Oklahoma State? Sure I do. It's where I played and the team I grew up loving. But at the end of the day, we're certainly looking forward to going and doing our best to win this game Friday night."

MU cornerback Randy Ponder on which OSU wide receiver sticks out to him: "They all stand out, Tracy Moore is their go-to guy and they have Josh Stewart. He is very shifty. Jhajuan Seales is more of their deep-threat guy because he has great downfield speed."

MU cornerback Randy Ponder on OSU's reputation of having good wide receivers: "They always have one of the best receivers in the nation. They are known for having first-round draft picks at receiver. They still have to this day."

MU cornerback E.J. Gaines on OSU wide receiver Josh Stewart: "I don't know if that's a guy you can actually stop, but just trying to slow him down is a huge thing. Especially in special teams because that's where he makes a lot of his money."

OSU wide receiver Josh Stewart on being frustrated this season: "It's tough but I believe everything happen for a reason. My health is going through the roof right now. I'm getting a lot better with my injury. I'll be ready for game day."

Stewart on his decision to stay at OSU or go to the NFL: "I've been thinking about this game more than (the NFL). It's more important than thinking about that decision right now. I'm ready to get this game going. We have to choose the best decision for my family and my future."

OSU running back Desmond Roland on what OSU would lose if Stewart went to the NFL: "Whenever we needed that big play, that spark, he had it. A punt return, a simple screen, a big catch, he made that play. If we lose him, we lose a key part to our offense. I'm up for whatever he chose to do; I think he is good enough to leave this year."

OSU safety Daytawion Lowe on the lessons of the season: "One thing I can take from this year is the loss to West Virginia and how the team came together. How much better we seem to practice after the loss and do things to get better."

OSU defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer on senior linebacker Caleb Lavey: "I would say if there is one guy that had the heartbeat of the defense, it would be him — by far the top go-getter for us. I've been on the Caleb Lavey bandwagon since he was a freshman."

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