Clint Chelf Wants To Go Out A Winner

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Too many times people want to dwell on what an individual doesn't have rather than what they offer. It is the mindset of society where the negative precedes the positive. Clint Chelf has been told his arm isn't strong enough. He has been told that he isn't fast enough, and that's tough to imagine based on the way he has run the football against some very athletic teams.

Clint Chelf does have some measureables, and according to his offensive coordinator he has one trait that's very tough to measure.

"Yes, I think it is poise and that level of calm within," offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich answered when asked if Chelf had a quality that could not be measured.

"I don't know how you measure that. He has a lot of that within, a large quality of that poise and that mentality of never (getting) too high and never too low. The ability to be able to bounce back when things don't go his way. That is not easy and I don't know how you coach that or teach that. How do you stay in a positive state of mind after adversity? That is very tough to teach."

His Oklahoma State teammates will tell you that while Chelf is a personable guy and likes to have fun, he also likes to stay on an even keel. He is not going to let himself lose control emotionally. It is because of that he has stayed the course and been ready when his opportunity came, on the field and off.

"Clint just is very chilled, a calm guy," wide receiver Charlie Moore said. "He loves to play football and he loves this team. He may not be like Johnny Manziel was last night but he is a leader.

"He comes to work every day and you never hear him complain. That is what I like about Clint. We all like him and he encourages guys to get pumped up. He's calm and collected and that is what we love about Clint."

Chelf is very positive. He has been the poster boy in many ways this week for the Cowboys. He said, honestly, it took him by surprise and he was very humbled by the exposure on television and at all the bowl venues.

He is a spotlight guy that doesn't need the spotlight. He's more concerned about the team being ready, the offense set to perform at a high level, and he is confident about that. That is what is important to him as he prepares to make his final appearance as the OSU quarterback on a big stage.

"I think we have a really good game plan going into this game," Chelf said. "I think even before we arrived here the offense, we have practiced well and we have a lot of good things that we'd like to get accomplished. We go against our defense and they are a tough unit and we feel comfortable with where we are right now. We still have some more preparation ahead of us."

Chelf had good preparation for his role in the Cotton Bowl as he was there the last time Oklahoma State played and beat Missouri as the backup to Brandon Weeden. Weeden has always been high on Chelf and felt he was a very supporting backup.

Now after showing his patience and perseverance at OSU, Chelf could pass along some of that to Weeden, who has hit a rough spot in the NFL.

"We communicate quite a bit and I talked to him yesterday morning just a little bit," Chelf said of his conversations with Weeden. "I haven't had time to talk to him about his situation. We talk as friends and I'm sure when I see him we'll have a little more time to talk about football."

When they do, Chelf hopes he can tell Weeden what it feels like to be a two-time bowl game MVP and winner. Winning the MVP is not important to him but Chelf would welcome it because it would mean the Cowboys are hoisting the winner's trophy proving again.

Chelf's critics should realize it is more important what you have rather than what you don't have.

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