One-on-One With Mike Yurcich

ARLINGTON, Texas — Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich is nearing the end of his first season at Oklahoma State after coming from Division II Shippensburg. Wednesday, Yurcich met with the media to discuss his season and the experience of his first bowl game.

What is different between what you're doing at the Division I level at what you have done in the past?
Yurcich: Not a whole bunch. You're still scripting plays and calling plays and trying to scheme based on what you see on film. And trying to play to your strengths and staying in the structure of your own offense and making sure you don't have too many plays, the right number of plays and you're repping all the different types of looks you're seeing. So in a lot of ways it's the same.

,i>How have you become more "Oklahoma-ized" since coming here?
Yurcich: We probably eat a lot more beef. We eat a lot more red meat now. That means I should be jogging more I think.

Who are some guys who didn't play much who have impressed in bowl practices?
Yurcich: Rennie Childs didn't get a whole bunch of snaps this year, but he's continued to impress me when he touches the ball in practice He's always running to score, every practice. (Ra'Shaad) Samples is a guy who runs around pretty good. He has some athleticism there. I think Rashaad has a very bright future here. He's looked very good in practice from what he could do.

Daxx Garman, he gets a lot of reps now more than he did in the regular season. I think Daxx can spread the ball very well, he's been very accurate in the past. Every long ball he's thrown he's connected on or it just missed. He's gotten really good on his long ball.

Jake Hubenak is another kid that didn't get a whole lot reps, but we were able to sprinkle a couple his way. Jake has done a pretty good job of learning the system. He understands the schemes very well and he has a great mental capacity and a great demeanor to play quarterback here. More drill work for him than reps.

This is you first bowl game. What's it been like so far?
Yurcich: The hospitality that the Cotton Bowl gives you is really amazing. It's been really fun for my children and my wife. I think she's had a wonderful experience as well. The whole family's enjoyed it and coach Gundy does a great job of making sure our kids have enough stuff to do throughout the hotel.

My kid loves the blow-up room. They have a little obstacle course, and he got pretty good at it. He still can't throw a football very well, but he can climb that obstacle course. So we're working at it.

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