One-on-One With Josh Stewart

All-Big 12 Oklahoma State junior slot receiver Josh Stewart appeared on Sports Talk with Robert Allen and Friends on Wednesday morning on Triple Play Sports Radio to address his decision to forego his final season at Oklahoma State and make himself eligible for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Stewart, who had eight receptions for 84 yards and a touchdown in the Cotton Bowl, finished the season with 60 receptions for 707 yards and three touchdowns. As a sophomore, he caught 101 passes for 1,210-yards and seven touchdowns.

He was also one of the top punt returners in the country and set an Oklahoma State record against TCU with a 95-yard punt return for touchdown. The diminutive Stewart has deceptive lateral speed and is a strong route runner that has great hands. He is not a flat out speed guy at the slot.

RA: What went into your decision?
Stewart: That (having a one-year-old son) has a little to do with it. Anybody that has a kid wants to do everything they can to provide for them in the best way that they can. It was a big part of it but also I had to do what I was comfortable with. I had to do what I wanted. If I was listening in to what everybody else said then that would mean that I was coming back and making a decision that somebody else wanted me to do. I had to do what I really wanted and this is what I wanted to do. I had to be aware that the more time that I made the decision then the less training that I was getting because people are training right now. I was ready to make a decision and move forward with what I had to do. (Note: Stewart has an agent and is already lined up to do his training for the NFL Combine and Draft at Athlete's Performance in Frisco, Texas.)

RA: The people I spoke to like OSU head coach Mike Gundy and others said you handled your business right. They may disagree with the decision, but they did not disagree with the way you handled your business.
Stewart: The reason for me doing that is, that as a player if I owed the coaches and the staff anything it was a thank you. I had to at least let them know what was on my mind because they had helped get me to this point. I couldn't forget about them and make a decision and not let them know because that wouldn't be right. I had to call them and let them know what was on my mind and what I'd be doing and I thought that was the right thing to do.

RA: What can you tell us was in the report you received from the NFL?
Stewart: My NFL report said rounds four through seven. Others asked what I saw in that. They gave me this back and I was a junior and they didn't even know I was coming out. I haven't done any one-on-one, trained with any teams or been to the combine. I felt with me being a confident player and I felt in working out and at the combine that I could drop that.

RA: What do you want to show the NFL before the draft?
Stewart: One thing I've been looking at is the way offense is turning in the NFL to the slot receiver/tight end offense. Everybody is looking at hitting the slot receiver and the tight end. I look at the Wes Welkers and the (Danny) Ammendolas, and I see that they want a guy that can catch the ball and move the chains, and I think that I can be that kind of guy. I've done my research and I really feel like I can be that kind of guy and they will see that in workouts when I am able to get in front of the NFL people.

RA: I know this is tough because you have really enjoyed being an Oklahoma State Cowboy. What is your greatest memory of playing at OSU that you will take away?
Stewart: You know every time I stepped in the locker room with those guys or any time you played in a game with your brothers. There is nothing better than that. I have already started thinking about those memories that I made with those guys and they will never leave my head. I am so fortunate to have been able to make those memories with those guys.

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