Wickline Visits With Strong About Texas Job

Oklahoma State offensive line coach Joe Wickline is not a guy that seeks the limelight or any added attention. Media covering the program know that because to interview Wickline you need to make multiple requests. Wickline is talking to new Texas head coach Charlie Strong and apparently the conversations continued throughout Saturday. However, he has not changed his address as of Saturday night.

"I'm in Stillwater right now driving down Western," said the veteran offensive line coach and the last remaining member of Mike Gundy's original staff. "Charlie Strong and I are friends and have been for a long time since we worked together, and he has talked to me about a job. I think they are talking to several people. He went about it the right way and contacted the right people (to get permission)."

Wickline stressed two things throughout our conversation. The first point was that he has not taken a job at Texas yet and that he would give me a heads up when it was official. The second point he stressed was he doesn't like the attention and focus being on him. That is when I said the best way to do these things is to listen and if it's something you want then take it. If not, then bow out and continue on.

The speculation on websites that cover Texas is that a salary of $1 million was being offered and that the position might also include the title of assistant head coach.

Wickline did not comment on any of that, nor did we discuss the $500,000 buyout it would take to free Wickline up from his contract with Oklahoma State. We all know that Texas could and would easily pay that.

"I don't know what to say," stressed Wickline. "We're friends, we've had conversations, but I have not officially taken a job anywhere. That is where it all is right now. I haven't talked with Mike (Gundy)."

Wickline may like things bland but right now with the way the internet world works and the high focus on both the Texas and the Oklahoma State programs things are more intense and bland is not the word that describes the way things are on this Saturday night.

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