One-on-One With Brandon Weeden

A man of all sports and a very popular former Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback, Brandon Weeden, was on Sportstalk with Robert Allen and Friends Wednesday on the Triple Play Sports Radio Network. Weeden will be featured on "Gridiron Outdoors" this weekend on the Outdoors Channel. He went tarpon fishing down off the coast of Cancun, Mexico and came up with a trophy tarpon.

Weeden and his wife, Melanie, got some great news this fall as Brandon dealt with a tough second season with the most topsy-turvy franchise in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns.

Weeden, who played pro baseball before starring for the Cowboys at quarterback and helping the program to a Big 12 Championship and BCS bowl win in the Fiesta Bowl, completed 141 of 267 passes this season for 1,731 yards with nine touchdown passes and nine interceptions.

RA: Tell me about the good news you and Melanie received this fall?
Weeden: We've been trying for awhile and finally got lucky and it has happened. We are expecting a boy in July. It kind of puts things in perspective, and when he arrives it will be even more so. We're extremely excited about it and once he comes a lot of things will become secondary and we'll put things into even more proper perspective, I would imagine.

RA: Fans will be able to see you do something different this weekend with the Gridiron Outdoors appearance on the Outdoor Channel and the tarpon fishing. How was that experience for you?
Weeden: It was quite the trip because I'd never been fishing for big fish like that. I went down there and the first day was too windy and we couldn't get out to the big boys. The second day we went out and I landed a couple but those things require technique and the first one I hit, I sat the hook just like I would do with a bass and that thing went right back out at me and that is kind of like the ultimate slap in the face, and the competitor I am, I wanted to try and get right back out there and get another one. I caught one for about 25-30 minutes and I just couldn't get it to the boat. We caught some little guys and that is a whole other story.

They are like Greg Maddux throwing a fastball in the black and you have to throw a perfect cast every single time. It was very challenging. We had a guide named Sand King and he is the best in Mexico. it was cool because he has a really great set up at his house with all the people that he's fished with and have caught big fish. We had a couple of hours before our flight left and I said let's go out and try again and land one. Then about an hour and 15 minutes late we had one in the boat. it was worth the trip and it made for better TV.

RA: I know it was a tough season in Cleveland, but I prefer to look at the best memory. I really enjoyed when you came off the bench on the Thursday night game and led the Browns to a win over Buffalo. I'd have thrown away the Deion Sanders memorabilia that the NFL Network people gave you.
Weeden: Obviously, I was facing a little bit of adversity there after I got hurt in week two and I couldn't come back until that Thursday night game and I didn't get the start and it was too bad that Brian (Hoyer) went down. It had been a tough time and throw an incomplete pass and they boo you. That's just the way it is up there. To hear boos on the first play when I came in there and we ran a trick play throwback and they boo me.

To come back and lead that offense down and score 30-35 points, whatever it was and beat a good Buffalo Bills team, that was the highlight of my year. It was a crazy year. To put it in perspective it was a crazy, crazy year for me. Like I said, I've never been faced with that kind of adversity and to pat myself on the back, I thought I handled it like a true professional. I think that will really help me out down the road.

RA: I followed the news conferences and it is tough when you have a coach your first year as a rookie. You bring in a new coach and now after a year, he's gone.
Weeden: You know, you look across the league and it's going back to the '80s and '90s, but the teams that are having success have stability whether it is coaching, players at key positions, guys like Manning, Brady, and Brees. Those guys have been in the same system with the same coaches calling plays. When you have that stability with the same head coach... When you have coaching changes and a revolving door, it's hard enough in that league as it is without that kind of stability. Cleveland, it is just a revolving door up there. This is such a win now league and there is no patience.

RA: I know you really appreciated Clint Chelf as a friend and a backup when you were at OSU. You had to be happy with how he has overcome adversity and finished strong in his Cowboy career.
Weeden: Obviously, I was very excited about the way he handled it. I know there were rumors out there that he had quit but he stuck through it and continued to fight through it and got his number (called). That Baylor game he was on fire and I think again, he didn't face the best scenario and got through it and really played well.

We are good friends and still talk some and I was happy to see him have the success he has. There is no bigger thrill than playing in Boone Pickens Stadium and winning a football game and walking through that tunnel. That is a great feeling. It is something that he will remember like I will for the rest of his life. It is a special time when you are playing at Oklahoma State.

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