One-on-One With Brandon Weeden

We spoke to former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden last week on several topics including his appearance over the weekend fishing for tarpon on Gridiron Outdoors on the Outdoors Channel. Today, we complete the interview with Weeden commenting on the situation in Cleveland, where he has two more years on his contract, and he also sizes up today's AFC and NFC Championship games.

RA: How are you feeling now with Cleveland out looking for another head coach? It will be your third in three seasons there.
Weeden: This job is difficult enough as it is and this really makes things challenging. It's a revolving door of players and coaches in Cleveland. It's part of the business, I understand, but there is just no patience. It is a win now league and you have to go get it done right out of the box or they are looking for somebody to take your job.

It is not fun having three (offensive) coordinators in three years because learning one offense is enough and you have to go out and function and play well within that offense. It's not the ideal situation, but I can't control those things, and I have to look at this as a bump in the road to get to where I need to go. Like I said, I wouldn't draw it up this way but I'm handling this as well as I can.

RA: There are two really good games and matchups in the AFC and NFC Championships. Let's hear what you think of the NFC Championship Game? You've played all these teams and Seattle and San Francisco have really good defenses.
Weeden: Whew, you are talking about two really, really good defenses, two defenses that can make plays in the secondary and can also rush the passer. I think that will be interesting. You know, I'm no expert like the gurus that are on ESPN, but that is a matchup that I am intrigued by. I don't see it being a real high scoring game and it may come down to who has the ball last or simply who can make a play in the fourth quarter against those defenses because they really get after it. Two young quarterbacks and guys that I know pretty well, it'll be an interesting game.

RA: The other game, the AFC Championship, is not between two young quarterbacks, but two future Hall of Famers in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Your thoughts on Denver hosting New England and both teams have been through a lot of adversity as well?
Weeden: Yeah, again I am anxious to see how this pans out because you are talking about two of the best quarterbacks in the league and maybe of all time. What Brady has done with a revolving door at receiver and with a lot of young guys around him, he knows they are not what they were at the start of the season and he is still getting a lot out of the offense and keeping that team in and winning games.

Then, probably my favorite player to watch is Peyton. I know all the 'Omaha's' and all of that stuff everybody laughs about it, but he is a technician and he gets it done. I see this one being a higher scoring game and I think these two offenses can score with the best of them. This is going to be fun, and I think this is really going to be four good football teams and two good games. I'm looking forward to watching. No matter who wins, it is going to be a great Super Bowl.

RA: You got hurt at Denver in your rookie season if my memory is right.
Weeden: I did, I sprained my AC joint. It is really loud and a tough place to play, but I think it is one of those really fun places to play. I think the crowd and atmosphere can fire up both teams playing.

(Note: Weeden did not make a prediction when we spoke to him, but later came back and picked Denver and Seattle. We think some of that may have been his heart over his mind. Those may be his sentimental choices.)

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