MLK Day Game Of Catch

One of the more memorable lines in sports movie history is when Kevin Costner, as Ray Kinsella, the Iowa farmer that built a baseball diamond in his cornfield, and his dad John Kinsella, back as a ghost dressed in the New York Yankees uniform he once wore, had an exchange on the field. The two are saying good night to each other and then Ray says, "hey, dad you want to have catch?"

That's the most famous game of catch on the movie screen. But peering out over Boone Pickens Stadium during Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday there was a game of catch going on down on the field of the stadium.

There were few witnesses to the game of catch, and it most likely won't go down in any lore, movie or sports.

One of the throwers was walk-on quarterback Richard Lagow, who transferred from Connecticut at the start of the season last August. The other thrower was newly arrived quarterback Mason Rudolph, the standout from South Carolina.

I couldn't recognize one of the receivers running routes but the other was newly arrived speedster Tyreek Hill out of Douglas, Ga., and most recently Garden City Community College in Kansas.

Okay, maybe that is an overly emotional tug there at the beginning but it was interesting to see the foursome throwing and running routes on a day where they could be doing anything. They could have been at the movies, out surveying their new college home, or in front of a monitor or computer playing video games.

It has to make head coach Mike Gundy feel good that they were throwing the football and getting familiar with each other. Gundy stresses he wants guys that love football. Well, playing catch in the stadium on a holiday is kind of revealing.

I wasn't doing exact analysis and did not get out a stop watch, but I watched long enough to see that Rudolph could hit both receivers, including the obviously speedy Hill on a corner route, a deep one at about 40 yards. They also threw shorter routes, and as offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches like to say, "Rudolph can spin it."

He is a big, strong presence with the ball in his hands, just as advertised and viewed on tape. I did not see him throw a ball that wasn't right on the money.

Hill flashed speed and had a strong take off on his routes but like a sprinter, and many times you forget this physical attribute, he is thick and muscular in the upper body. He definitely has a sprinter's build and should with the best times of 10.19 seconds in the 100 meters and 20.14 in the 200 meters.

The best thing about seeing the game of catch is that all four of the participants were doing it on a day where there were no expectations that they would or should.

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