Jordan Brailford: His Coach's Take

Jordan Brailford kind of flew under the radar until college coaches got a chance to see him play in person last fall. Luckily for OSU, the 6-4, 220-pound standout had already committed to the Cowboys. With National Signing Day set for Wednesday, we visited with Washington High School head coach Marvin Dantzler about Brailford and his future with the Cowboys.

What are Jordan's strengths as a football player?
Dantzler: His ability to rush the passer. He's very, very explosive, especially on obvious passing downs he can really get to the quarterback.

What do you think will be the biggest transition for him moving from the high school game to the Big 12 Conference?
Dantzler: Probably the strength and quickness. Any athlete that makes the jump from one level to another level, it's going to be just getting in the weight room and understanding that they're going to be playing at a different level.

Do you think he has a chance to make an instant impact or will there be an adjustment period for him?
Dantzler: I think he's capable of coming in and making an immediate impact. I've talked to him about it, a lot of it depends upon his approach and how hard he hits it in the offseason. He has all the tools to go in and be an impact player right away.

Why do you think he chose Oklahoma State?
Dantzler: They've had a great last five years. I like what coach (Mike) Gundy has done. Oklahoma State is a couple of years removed from nearly playing for the national championship, won a Big 12 championship, so there are a lot of positive things going on there. Plus, at Booker T. we've had a lot of athletes go to Oklahoma State.

What do you think he is capable of accomplishing over the course of his college career at OSU?
Dantzler: I think if he stays healthy and listens to the coaching staff and do what they ask him to do, he's a guy that can be playing on Sundays three or four years from now.

What will you remember the most about coaching him?
Dantzler: Just his consistency. In the three years that I've been here, Jordan is a guy who shows up every Friday. You know what you're going to get from him. He's going to give you 110 percent when the lights come on. The part I'm going to miss is I knew he was a guy that we didn't have to worry about on Friday nights when coaching the game. I think it's going to be a win-win. Oklahoma State is getting a good product and Jordan is getting to go play in a good program. I think it's a win-win situation for both sides.

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