Cowboys Season Unraveling

Forget Oklahoma State losing 65-61 to Texas Tech in Lubbock on Saturday night. Sure that was bad, but get ready Oklahoma State fans because you are going to be watching over and over again once shining star and NBA lottery pick Marcus Smart go into the first row of the seats behind the basket at the United Spirit Arena and push a Tech fan standing there with his wife.

I have no doubt the Tech fan got mouthy and said something, likely very inappropriate, to Smart as he laid on the floor behind the basket after making a huge effort to block a shot following a Tech steal that pretty much cemented the Tech upset.

Then Smart, instead of walking away as he has to do in that situation, went face to face with man. You can see the fear in his wife's face. You read the man's lips as he says he's sorry. Then you see Smart violently push the man. If you didn't see it, wait a few seconds on any 24-hour sports network or catch a local sportscast and it will be replayed.

This was a team that was supposed to return to the NCAA Tournament and revive OSU Cowboy basketball glory that they started to do last season in earning an NCAA berth. Everybody that loves Oklahoma State was totally cranked when Smart made his announcement that he was coming back for one more season.

However, this season has not played out like Cowboys fans were hoping with the devastating injury to Michael Cobbins, the repeated misdeeds of freshman Stevie Clark and his eventual dismissal from the team and now the rapid unraveling of the once seemingly unflappable Smart.

It shows the team has come unglued and there may not be enough Elmer's glue in Payne County, or the entire state of Oklahoma, to put it back together.

The game officials in Lubbock made a drastic mistake. They only gave Smart a technical foul but they also should have ejected him from the game. Because they didn't, Smart was still around to continue to cause a disturbance after the final buzzer, and eventually an OSU connected individual led Smart off the floor and a local police officer hovered behind as they went to the locker room.

The whole thing was sickening to watch and unfortunately it be shown over and over again.

Oklahoma State needs to be preemptive and suspend Marcus Smart multiple games and announce it before sunrise. If they don't, I've got a funny feeling the Big 12 will do it for them and that would be even more embarrassing if the Big 12 has to provide the discipline for the Cowboys basketball team.

Smart is too valuable a person and too talented a player to throw away. I'm not saying that but he has shown warning signs of a player that badly needs a time out away from the court.

Let me repeat myself, the Texas Tech fan behind the basket was no doubt wrong. You could see him mouthing an apology. But no matter what is said or what is done, a player can never go into the stands. A player can never physically confront a fan.

You can't have that kind of situation in the pros, in college, in high school, or anywhere. The trouble is we're all going to have to watch it again over and over unless we go into hibernation.

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