Gundy's Next Rant-Twitter Style

You can read below as Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has expanded his rant reputation. This time he did it through his Twitter persona @CoachGundy.

On Thursday evening, Gundy took to Twitter to give his opinion on the NCAA Football Rules Committee suggestion that "for player-safety," offenses must wait 10 seconds from the start of the 40-second play clock to run a play in order to let defenses substitute even when the offense does not make a personnel change.

Below is Gundy's viewpoint as expressed in four quick Twitter bursts.

Mike Gundy @CoachGundy
The no huddle, fast tempo style has changed the game of CFB. Our sport has exploded in popularity with high scoring games & packed stadiums.
4:56 PM

Mike Gundy @CoachGundy
College Football is constantly evolving. Coaches have to make adjustments based on their team, their talents and their opponents.
4:57 PM

Mike Gundy @CoachGundy
The 10-second rule is like asking basketball to take away the shot clock - Boring!. It's like asking a blitzing linebacker to raise his hand
4:59 PM

Mike Gundy @CoachGundy
Why change our sport at the peak of its popularity
5:01 PM

The interesting aspect of this is that Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel is reporting that Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema were in the room with the rules committee when they formulated rule change.

The chairman of that committee is Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun, who runs a military-option offense at the Air Force Academy.

Also, though we're sure it has no connection here, Calhoun is not a big Oklahoma State or Mike Gundy fan, as Gundy and OSU canceled a series with Air Force when the Big 12 went to a nine-game conference schedule. Later that season (2011) in the final coach's poll where Oklahoma State was hoping to get the votes to play in the BCS National Championship Game, Calhoun voted Oklahoma State the lowest of any ballot in the poll.

My opinion on this issue coincides with that of Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze. In football the innate advantages for offense are they dictate when the ball is snapped and they know where they are going. The innate advantage for the defense is they can move around wherever they want before the snap. Keep it that way. The thought that up-tempo spread offenses are hurting the game is ridiculous.

The final decision on whether this rule change and the one involving the "targeting" issue, and whether the 15-yard penalty stands or is also taken away when the replay official reverses a call that expels a player for targeting, will be determined by the Rules Oversight Committee in a meeting on March 6.

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