Cowboys Baseball: Orange Crush Sundays

With a pair of victories over Alcorn State (Tuesday and Wednesday) in the first two home games of the season, and an overall record of 5-0, the Oklahoma State Cowboys are off to the start they wanted. The Cowboys now begin preparing for a four-game series this weekend with Oakland University (single games on Friday and Sunday with a doubleheader on Saturday).

The Cowboys then will head next week to Arizona for four challenging games including Arizona State as they play in Surprise, Ariz., the spring training home of the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals.

Get ready for Sundays as you will want to be there for "Orange Crush Sundays" and "Signature Sundays" throughout the season. The Cowboys will wear their new all-orange uniforms on Sundays throughout the season, for both home and away games. The Cowboys also will stick around after home games and sign autographs and just chat with fans down on the field on "Signature Sundays."

The all-orange uniforms are a little crazy but fans of the Baltimore Orioles will remember the O's have had several versions of the all-orange look over time.

"As you saw last Sunday, (we had) all-orange uniforms and our kids love it," head coach Josh Holliday told me the other day. "Our university loves the orange and it's an energy thing on a Sunday to come out in all orange, and if you are going to dress bold then you have to play bold. That's what I told the players that you go out there in orange head to toe you are going to draw comments. You leave there with a win and nobody is going to say anything."

The man behind the scenes with the new uniforms is baseball equipment manager Matt "Chief" Davis.

"Those orange cleats are pretty bold and they are something the coaching staff had talked to me about," Chief said of the orange cleats that made their home debut on Wednesday with the orange uniform top and the white pants.

"You know we did Nike white cleats last year with Cowboys on the back of them, and this year since we were going to go with an all-orange uniform we thought that we would wear the all-orange cleats with the all-orange uniforms.

"You know you talk to me and Josh (Holliday) and Rob (Walton), who are lifelong OSU guys, and it is hard to break out of that mold of traditional. We still have the traditional look with that new flair. The players love it and you hope the player that you want to sign loves it."

Davis has been around the business and the Cowboys program long enough to know that Oklahoma State is always going to be the focal point in baseball situations. He told me he appreciated the way Holliday introduced his team to the new bright orange unis.

"Walking into the ballpark last Sunday, not in the whole uniform, but our players were wearing the orange pants and there were some heads turned in that stadium," Chief said the situation at Texas-Arlington on the opening weekend. "Coach actually mentioned to them on the bus that if you're going to wear those uniforms, it's bold and you'd better bring it. If you don't, you open yourself up for things to be said."

The recruiting aspect of it is huge. In fact, Davis points out other programs have been doing it, in some cases for some time.

"You see it across college baseball, Florida State has an all-garnet uniform and Clemson has a version of the all-orange, so it's out there," he said.

"The kids look good and we have a bunch of good looking athletes and we have good equipment. The orange cleats are fun," continued Holliday. "We want to have fun.

"It's a kid's game and it's good for recruiting, which is a big part of what we do as well. We're attracting young guys and if people understand those uniforms get young guys to take notice and they like them."

Yes, football may have started it but baseball is not far behind.

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