Tyreek Hill Has Been Surprise For Track Team

For the first time in nearly 30years the Oklahoma State football and track and field programs have forged a relationship. Cowboys football coach Mike Gundy understands that loaning some of his fastest or most explosive athletes to the track team will help in recruiting.

Track and cross country coach Dave Smith has built a dynasty, particularly in cross country with distance runners, but now with the speed and explosiveness of his loaners from football the track and field program has some real possibilities.

"I'm really excited because I think we are about to do something that he haven't done in 30 or 40 years in indoor track and the Big 12 Championships," Smith said earlier this week. "We've never finished in the top half of the Big 12. I think we have much bigger aspirations than that this year. We have a team now that can beat anybody in the conference right now on any given day."

Oklahoma State's newly hired sprints coach Diego Flaquer actually helped recruit Tyreek Hill from Garden City (Kan.) Community College. Hill is a Scout 5-star recruit.

Hill displayed world class speed in high school, capping his senior season with a best of 20.14 seconds in the 200 meters and a 10.19 in the 100 meters.

In his first meet with the Cowboys, Hill blew Smith away.

"I don't know that anybody knows how fast he can be," Smith said excitedly. "He broke the school record in the 60 meters twice on the first two times he ran in the meet at Arkansas. He ran a 6.67 and then a 6.65 and then in the finals repeated his 6.65. That is really fast and he'll get faster."

The Cowboy coaches will have to wait to catch Hill in March when he will work out with football again. Hill isn't the only OSU football player competing this spring with the track team. Fellow receiver and sprinter Blake Webb and long jumpers, high jumpers and triple jumpers Tre Flowers and Jerel Morrow are all competing with the track team. Flowers and Morrow are at a meet at Notre Dame this weekend.

The veteran track and cross country coach can't wait to see what Hill will do in football.

"I cannot wait to watch him next fall because I think he is going to be incredibly dynamic," Smith predicted. "Whatever they decide about how to get him the ball and whenever the ball is in his hands there will be potential for magic, I think."

Smith can see where the help of all the football players is helping track and helping prepare them for football.

"Tre (Flowers) has always bested his personal high school best and he has a lot of talent. Blake has a lot of speed and then we have John Teeters, who has been running for us," Smith added.

"The football program has been at a disadvantage because we did not have a track program that those kind of athletes could get excited about and I think it hurt them (football). They would say, 'hey we want to run track,' but then all they would see were distance runners and they would lose interest. Now that we've got it going, a complete track and field program, I think it will help football a little bit."

The cooperation and the brand new track facility should help bring in additional athletes that OSU (football and track) have missed on in the past.

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