Team Walsh vs. Team Seales In Championship

Competition day on Tuesdays has become a staple of Oklahoma State's offseason program. It is one of the most successful team building and competitive exercises the Cowboys do during winter offseason workouts. The offseason is rapidly coming to a close and will soon yield to spring football, which begins March 10. That means next Tuesday is the National Championship Game of competition day.

It will be Team Walsh (drafted by quarterback J.W. Walsh) and Team Seales (drafted by wide receiver Jhajuan Seales) going against each other in the championship match.

In today's competition, Team Walsh survived a semifinal match-up against Team Koenig (drafted by offensive tackle Daniel Koenig) and Team Seales eliminated Team Simmons (drafted by linebacker Ryan Simmons). Both semifinals were competitive.

Assistant athletic director for speed, strength and conditioning Rob Glass divides the players into eight teams and they then compete in a tournament format in matches involving six stations. The stations are weighted sled pull, two-man tire flip, 20-yard shuttle, bag drills, tug-of-wars (both team and individual), and the obstacle course.

The explosive events -- the sled pull, tire flips, and the tug-of-wars.-- are a lot of fun to watch.

Team Walsh and Team Koenig were dead even after their first event, the sled pulls. For Team Walsh, tight end Blake Jarwin, offensive lineman Zach Hargrove, wide receiver Ra'Shaad Samples, and Caleb Muncrief were winners. Team Koenig was paced by wins from offensive linemen Tevin Talton and Colby Hegwood prior to the last heat in which kicker Kip Smith used his strong lower body to just edge the ultra-competitive Walsh.

To show how competitive Walsh is he turned around and took the first turn on the tire flip with wide receiver Brendan Fagan to start what was a complete domination on the event. It was the 8-0 run on the tire flip that helped pace Team Walsh to a lead they would not lose. One winning combination was tight ends Blake Jarwin and newcomer Jordan Frazier.

Team Seales and Team Simmons were staging quite a battle in the other semifinals. The tug-of-war was not only intense but also very entertaining. After Team Simmons won the team tug-of-wars (there are two staged with four men on each side of the rope) the individuals saw some monumental battles.

Newcomer linebacker Devante Averette really had to battle before pulling running back Raymond Taylor across the line. Defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah came back for Team Seales and scored a win over offensive lineman Zac Veatch. Then in the determining heat in the individual tug, Seales jumped in and defeated cornerback Kevin Peterson.

The skills events were also very close between the two teams with Team Seales again coming through with the win. Next week the competition day activities conclude with Team Walsh vs. Team Seales.

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