Gyasi Akem Is All About Family

Gyasi Akem will report to Oklahoma State as one of the most versatile defenders in the 2014 recruiting class, as he has the frame and size to play linebacker and the speed to play safety. Akem could wind up as another candidate to play the "star" linebacker position, and defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Glenn Spencer was a fan from the first time he evaluated him.

Akem was on OSU's defensive staff recruiting "wanted" list for a long time.

It's been easy to notice that Akem, who has been on the Oklahoma State campus at camps and at home football games, is kind of quiet and reserved. Stand him next to Broken Arrow High School teammate and Cowboys running back signee Devon Thomas, and the two appear to be personality opposites, with Thomas being a lot more outspoken and extroverted. On the field, Akem is intense and the kind of player who desperately wants to please his coaches and his teammates. If he ever gets into trouble, it is because he is working too hard and maybe trying to do too much.

Do you want to know where that attitude comes from? He has a great devotion to his family. At Broken Arrow, and now at Oklahoma State, it's to his team, but off the field it's to his brother and sisters and mother.

"Family is the most important thing to me away from football," said Akem when asked about his off-the-field passion. "In my immediate family I have three sisters and a brother, and then I live with my mother. My sisters are all older and in their 20s; there's Meghann, Ashley, and LaQuita. My brother is 16 and he plays football and runs track like me. Yes, we are competing. He's always trying to catch me."

Akem will tell you that with everything that is going on with him and his other family members, there is not enough time to spend together.

"My mom Ina is a special lady and I love her very much," Akem said. "It's great when we get to spend time together, and most of the time it is just going out, hanging out and looking at things. Then on Christmas Eve we all go to my great grandmother's house, and that is a great time together. It's just about being together."

It's easy to see how that devotion has developed in Gyasi Akem.

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