Brailford Had More Eyes On Him Than He Knew

Throughout last football season, Jordan Brailford had more interested observers watching his play on Friday nights than he even imagined. Brailford said after he made his commitment to Oklahoma State that he didn't hear from many schools or coaches.

Brailford Had More Eyes on Him Than He Imagined On the other hand, on Friday nights, I would be at another high school game or on the road preparing to broadcast a game on Saturday, and my phone would light up with coaches watching Tulsa Washington and watching the 6-3, 220-pound athletic defensive end making tackles and racking up sacks. Those coaches would simply say they were jealous, because Oklahoma State was getting a tremendous athlete with all kinds of potential.

"I'm surprised because I didn't hear any of that," Brailford said. "I just play my game and I like the attention that comes from it."

Even when he doesn't realize or hear the attention he is getting. Over the semester break, he was able to hear the attention, or at least come home and replay the attention. He played in the Semper Fidelis All-American game in Carson, Calif., and ended up being one of the defensive stars and catching a lot of attention.

"It was good, and it gave me a lot of confidence because it showed me that I can play with the best in the nation," Brailford said. "Even though it was a big size difference playing against those players up there rather than the guys you play in the high school season in Oklahoma, I know I did good, so that gave me a lot of confidence."

Confidence and attention - those have never been in short supply for Brailford, probably because family support has never been in short supply, either. He said on the day of his signing that he owes so many people. His mother has been one of his biggest fans, but so has his grandfather…and he still is. Nathan Brailford, Sr., wouldn't miss this moment and he hasn't missed too many: Giving a ride when needed, advice when needed, and supplying some confidence when lacking. Grandfathers are good at that.

"My grandfather is really special to me and I know I would not be here, I wouldn't be signing to play college football without his support and everything he's done for me, all he has taught me," Brailford said with total sincerity. "It makes me feel good that I will be playing close by, and he and all the other family that has helped me will be able to see me play and share it."

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