Carter Cooking Up Something For The Cowboys

One of the most fun relationships I enjoyed during the recruiting process was with Dallas Pinkston High School's Trey Carter. He had an all-district season as a junior at Shreveport Green Oaks Magnet High School in Louisiana before a better job opportunity for his father took him to Dallas. Recruiters may have lost Carter momentarily, but they soon found the 6-4, 260-pound defensive lineman.

Oklahoma State may have had the early jump, but the competition was working all the way to signing day, as Miami and Mississippi State were two schools that never quit.

"You know, when the recruiting process came down to it, they were telling me you can make a second choice," Carter said. "When it came down to it, I had decided on Oklahoma State and I was going to stick with it. My dad always told me that when you make a commitment, then you need to stick to it. They (other schools) were just trying to come back in my life, but I had made my decision and I was happy for it."

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy talked of being proud that Oklahoma State had no de-commitments in the class, and Carter was one who held on strong despite all the recruiters still working on him.

For good reason, this defensive end has put on 10 pounds since last season. One time when we reached him for an interview, he was in the kitchen working on baking a ham with his own special-recipe glaze. "Yes, I like to do some cooking and be in the kitchen," Carter said. "Like that ham glaze. I like it a little sweet and a little spicy. I can do some cooking."

He can also do some playing on the defensive line, and he could very well end up going from defensive end to defensive tackle during his college career. He had 89 tackles with 15 sacks in his senior year, and many opponents were double-teaming him, chipping him, even bringing a slot back inside to try to stop his pass rush and his attack on the backfield.

Now, with a year of football in Texas under his belt, and after establishing his football personality in Louisiana, which is it? Is Carter a Texas high school football player, or still a Louisiana football graduate?

"I'm kind of a combination," Carter compromised. "I stayed there (in Louisiana) for three years, but then I came here and I'm a Texan. My father told me it doesn't matter where you go, that if you stick with it then good things will come to you, so people found me here. I'm a combination, a Texas and a Louisianan."

Actually, despite some extra effort from the other schools, Carter is now a Cowboy.

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