Hardeman Doesn't Have To Prove Himself

Chris Hardeman often gets some double-takes when he explains that he plays football. At 5-9, 180 pounds, he is not that imposing, although you have to admit that he looks very athletic. Hardeman has proven himself time and time again on the football field as one of the top cornerback prospects in the Houston area.

In the past three seasons, he has intercepted three passes and defended 43 passes, and he's had a good teacher, as his father Cedric Hardeman is an assistant coach at Taylor High School. In this case, father does know best.

Hardeman has some very positive traits including his speed, good strength for his size, an explosive vertical jump and powerful, flexible hips. His real gift is being able to find the best position to play the ball, and then use his athletic skill to go and get it. Opposing quarterbacks have not targeted Hardeman very often in games.

While he is constantly looking for ways to play taller and higher on the football field, his best fans keep him grounded off of the playing field.

"My family is what is most important to me outside of football," Hardeman said. "I have a younger sister in Amariya, and then my mom Kimberly Goblen. Then, of course, my dad Cedric and my step mom Kasonya Hardeman, I just feel like I would not be where I am right now without their support. My family has been great in supporting me and teaching me."

While some teenagers, which all of these signees are (except maybe junior college guys such as Devante Averette), wouldn't brag about hanging with the family, most of these guys do - including Hardeman.

"We get together, and when we are together we might be eating," he added. "A lot of time it's like watching sports, like later today we'll watch the Super Bowl together."

For any player who has to climb that ladder and defend passes, it's also good to be grounded, and Chris Hardeman can handle both.

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