Mabin Puts His Faith In God

Throughout his high school career at Klein Oak High School in the Spring suburb of Houston, Josh Mabin has been leaned on by his teammates and his coaches. Mabin developed early and became a physical force on the football field, as he logged over 60 tackles as a sophomore starter for the Panthers.

He then followed that with a monster season and 134 tackles, putting him on the list for every major college defensive coordinator in the country, certainly in the region.

"He's so physical and so strong," said his high school head coach David Smith. "I mean, he's a grown man. He's about 235 (pounds) and there's not any fat on him."

So, who has Mabin leaned on, with everybody expecting so much out of him on the football field? We found out that Josh Mabin is a very devout young man.

"I put my faith in God," Mabin said, without hesitation. "I have always put him first, and I want to be known by those around me as a man of God. I try very hard not to be selfish and I try always to put him first."

Mabin said he is active at Woodlands Church, a nondenominational Christian church in The Woodlands.

Mabin is very close to his teammates at Klein Oak, and that was what he was looking for in college as well. A strong student, he plans to major in industrial distribution. His plan with his teammates is to be part of a family he said is already building.

"I can tell already that these guys are my brothers, and that for the next four to five years we are going to be family," Mabin said.

He does not talk a lot about his football exploits, although his willingness to play on offense and do what was needed for the team further displayed the way he goes about his life. His head coach feels that no matter what is needed, Mabin will be more than willing to get it done, and he has the ability.

"The sky is the limit," Smith said of Mabin. "He's not coming in sneaking in. He's going to come in and people are going to try him real quick, because there won't be any linebackers more impressive than him on that campus right now. I worked (coaching) at Oklahoma, so I know. He looks as good right now as anybody we had then other than (Brian) Bosworth."

Okay, that gets your attention. If he is as devout about his football duties as his faith, then opponents had better watch out in the near future.

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