Owens Loves To Hunt Hogs

One of the biggest nuisances to farmers and ranchers in the Southwest and the Midlands are wild hogs, wild boar or big monster feral hogs. Many states have relaxed the hunting regulations so that hunters can help control the destruction caused by these wild pigs. In college, standout Jarrell Owens is going to hunt opposing quarterbacks and running backs, primarily from his defensive end position.

However, when he is not playing football, the 6-3, 240-pound explosive athlete said he would just as soon be out hunting the hogs.

"I love it, I love everything about it. I've been hunting for two years of my life, and it's like every time I go hunting I get the same excitement that I got the first time," Owens said with the enthusiasm that most defensive ends would use in talking about quarterback sacks. "I think I could hunt the rest of my life."

Go Pokes has already tagged Owens with the nickname "Hog Hunter," and he said he likes it. He just loves hunting wild boar or those big feral hogs. He's captured a 404-pounder, the biggest he's brought down. It sounds like a hobby he plans to stay with.

Owens, a bulldozing fullback from Palestine, Texas, was committed to TCU since last June, and the Horned Frogs had to be sick to their stomachs that he made a visit to Oklahoma State on the final weekend, and found that he had more in common with Stillwater and OSU than Fort Worth and TCU.

"Yes sir, I;m from the piney woods part of Texas and this is country, and I discovered the people there in Stillwater and at Oklahoma State are more like that," Owens said. "I just explained to my mom the good and bad about my decision, and everything has settled down now."?

The settling down he is talking about is that on signing day, his mom was hesitant to sign his National Letter of Intent because she had not visited Oklahoma State with him, and she knew about TCU and knew it was closer.

"I kind of got with OSU late in the recruiting process, and she wanted me to go to TCU because it was closer to home," Owens explained. "I had to tell her that everything was going to work out because it would be better for me (to go to OSU). I'm glad that she was finally good with what I wanted to do."

So are Mike Gundy, defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer, and defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements. In the future, so Cowboy fans will be too, although the big hogs in Payne County may not be so excited.

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