Sinor Looking To Help Others

On the football field, the punter's assignment is to give the ball to the other team, but by putting them in the worst position possible. That may mean kicking a monster punt that takes them back to the shadow of the goal line or it could mean a combination of distance, height, and location to trap the opposing offense in bad field position.

Zach Sinor is very good at his job. He is a two-time all-state punter in Texas, earning the honor from both the AP sports editors and the Texas Sportswriters Association. His average over the past two seasons has been 44.1-yards per punt, with 28 punts placed inside the opponent's 20-yard line.

Sinor, a 3.8 student who is ranked in the top 25 percent of his class, is not as stingy off the field, as he spends a lot of his time trying to put fellow students in the best place possible academically.

"I am involved in the PACE (Program and Class Education) program," Sinor said. "Some kids aren't as easy as learners and may not comprehend as well. I work with a sophomore one-on-one and help him out a lot. It's for high school students to help other high school students, and it's very rewarding."

Sinor, who really enjoys helping others, admits that while it feels good, it also feels good to boom a punt 60-plus yards. He's also involved in a program that helps younger students.

"I'm involved in Peers for Positive Change," he added. "That is where you tutor and mentor. I have been helping a fourth-grade student at the elementary school prepare and pass the STAR (standardized tests) that you need to pass to move on [in] grades."

Education is important for Sinor. His dad is self-employed, while his mother is a human resources manager for the University of Texas Health Sciences Center. Sinor is looking to focus his academic career at Oklahoma State at the Spears School of Business.

"I'm looking at some combination of finance and sports management," Sinor said.

Here's a young man that knows how to aim high, both on and off the field.

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