One-on-One With John Kolar

John Kolar proved last season at Norman (Okla.) North he could play quarterback and had the potential to take his game to the collegiate level. He came on to replace David Cornwell, a quarterback who signed with Alabama. Kolar finished the Timberwolves season completing 109 of 169 passes for 65 percent and 1,693 yards with a very impressive 15 touchdown passes and just two interceptions.

The 6-4, 190 pound signal caller can also run, and did so 56 times for 287 yards (5.1-ypc) and three touchdowns. Before taking over for the injured Cornwell, Kolar caught 11 passes as a receiver with a touchdown catch.

He finished his junior season in a playoff loss to Mustang by completing 22-of-32 passing for 349 yards and three touchdowns.

Kolar's parents are both very well educated and work as professors at the University of Oklahoma. His mother is in the OU Law School and his father is the director of the Civil Engineering department. Both received degrees at Notre Dame with his mom also competing in volleyball for the Irish.

John committed to Oklahoma State on Wednesday, becoming the second member of the 2015 recruiting class (offensive lineman Deionte Noel is slated to blue-shirt this fall). Kolar was on his way back from Stillwater to Norman this afternoon and we spoke with him.

Congratulations. I know you made the one trip to Stillwater and now you and your parents were back for another so quickly. What went into your thinking on making the commitment to Oklahoma State?
Kolar: Just that I had to make sure I was really comfortable with the coaches and the program. I had to feel like I could fit in there, which I obviously did. Then I wanted to just talk about their quarterback situation and make sure I was comfortable with that. I just felt comfortable with everything after all of that.

I'm curious, I believe both of your parents attended Notre Dame and your mom was a student-athlete at the school playing volleyball. Now both parents are professors at OU, so that is a different dichotomy for someone that is heading to Oklahoma State.
Kolar: Yes it is, definitely, and kind of funny too.

Okay, when you were growing up and being interested in sports who did you root for? Who were you a fan of?
Kolar: I've grown up, obviously, a Sooner fan, and a Notre Dame fan living in Norman and with my parents working at the Oklahoma. We've never had a, kind of, Bedlam rivalry. We've never really been anti-OSU. We cheered for them whenever they weren't playing OU.

Now you start thinking about playing your final season in green and white at Norman North, but in the future playing orange and black.
Kolar: Yes, I really like that idea too.

Have you had a chance to meet many of the players at OSU because that is part of the recruiting process?
Kolar: I ran into like two or three of the players today just walking through the Student Center, but I haven't had the chance to just sit down and meet players. I will be going back and going up for spring football in the next couple of weeks and I will meet some more of the players.

How did the decision break down and how much of this was a family decision versus them just pointing out some things that you needed to consider?
Kolar: It was definitely, (but) in the end it came down to my decision and what I wanted to do. They definitely had a role in that. I like the idea of the location and that they can come to games and that I can come home when I need to and that was a big part of it. It was a family decision, but I made the final decision, if that makes sense.

This is the time of year that Nike Camp is coming up and Elite 11, plus your senior season next year. How much does it help and make things easier that you have your path made and you don't go to those events or play your season at Norman North feeling like you have to show anything to college coaches?
Kolar: I would like to go to some of those camps and I have a couple of invites, but now I look at it as just the opportunity to experience those camps and meet some new people and stuff like that. It is a relief and I can focus on my senior year and work on making my teammates the best that they can be. Our goal is definitely to win a state championship and that is what we will be striving for.

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