A Cowboy Again: Weeden Signs With Dallas

In case you didn't hear on Monday afternoon, Oklahoma State fans are extremely excited that Brandon Weeden is a Cowboy again. Not an Oklahoma State Cowboy but a Dallas Cowboy, and in this part of the country the excitement for either is pretty equal.

OSU fans love their dual Cowboys such as wide receiver Dez Bryant, running back Joe Randle, linebacker Orie Lemon, and the most successful Cowboy of all these days, kicker Dan Bailey, who just signed a fantastic long-term contract with the Cowboys.

There are so many reasons that Weeden is happy to be with Dallas and signed a two-year, $1.2 million deal with no guaranteed money. By the way, Cleveland still owes Weeden $2.1 million of the guaranteed money on his four-year deal with them.

So why is Weeden so happy to be with Dallas?

The first reason is Weeden and his wife, Melanie, are very close to their families and the couple is expecting their first child, a son. They want to make their home in Oklahoma in the offseason and this move to play with Dallas more easily allows that. It keeps them close to family and to so many friends.

Weeden has a foundation that has made a pediatric heart surgeon possible in Oklahoma City at Children's Hospital and he can stay close to that cause year round. It's not a bad deal to keep up with the alma mater and Oklahoma State even opens their season on Aug. 30 at AT&T Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

In Cleveland with a dysfunctional organization, Weeden was kind of a stranger and eventually the fans turned on him as it is not unusual to blame the quarterback when things don't go well, or in the case of Cleveland go awful.

The Cowboys are looking to clear cap space and Kyle Orton's deal is larger than Weeden's contract. If Weeden can show he is a capable backup to Tony Romo in the Dallas offensive system then cap room can be created by keeping Weeden and letting Orton go.

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