Spring Football Notebook

There were a few visitors on hand Monday for Oklahoma State's first day back after spring practice. Linebacker Chad Whitener, who is originally from Mansfield, Texas and currently is finishing up his freshman year at Cal, was in Stillwater with his mother. Whitener has announced that he is transferring to Oklahoma State.

Also watching from the sidelines were a pair of coaches from Pitt State (Kan.), the powerhouse Division II program in the Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association that has won several NCAA championships. The two coaches appeared to be zeroing in on the Cowboys defense.

Tyreek Back At It
Newcomer running back/slot receiver Tyreek Hill was only practicing for the third time this spring as he missed a practice that first week to go to Albuquerque, N.M., to run the 200 meters in the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships.

Hill ran really well finishing fifth in the event. Now the Cowboys are getting a feel for all he can do on the football field, including the hope that he can return kickoffs. One thing is for certain on one pass play on Monday, he nearly ran out of his shoes. He's that fast.

"I hope so. He's fast. We all know that," Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy said. "He gets from one place to the other extremely fast and looks different than the other players. His attitude's been great. As long as his attitude continues to stay positive, we'll get him coached up and hopefully he can help us in special teams in game one."

Former Wrestler Gundy Kept Up with Cowboy Grapplers
The head coach admitted on Monday that while he was gone most of the spring break he did keep up with the Cowboys, both the basketball team and one of his former sports growing up, wrestling. Gundy used to travel with John Smith for youth wrestling tournaments when they were youngsters.

"I kept up with it on Twitter – with all the basketball and baseball and the wrestling," Gundy explained. "My two little boys were playing baseball tournaments Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I didn't get to go, but I kept up with it.

"Gary Calcagno, who's a strength coach who works with wrestling, was texting me and keeping me posted. They had a great outing. They did a great job and they were close. Obviously Penn State's a really good wrestling program, but I was proud. I thought our guys competed.

"Obviously, (wrestling coach) John (Smith) knows more about that, but I think that we'd be proud. I heard we had a great showing in Oklahoma City. I heard there were over 16,000 people there for the finals, which is super. The sport's changed. They've taken more of the stalling out and I think people are seeing that and they're excited about it. We have a great tradition here in wrestling. We should all be proud and go to, not only those duals, but also to those tournaments."

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