Gundy Invites The Media To Practice

I've never hidden my happiness with being able to watch Oklahoma State football practice, and I have told head coach Mike Gundy that I appreciate the opportunity he affords myself, Dave Hunziker and John Holcomb in being able to attend practice. It helps us in having an extensive background and knowledge on the players and the schemes and how they progress and how they are formed by practice.

Also, I simply enjoy the football process, and that includes practice, what is accomplished and how it forges the team, decisions on personnel, decisions on schemes, and that portion of the journey. I like watching football.

All that said, I was pleasantly surprised that Gundy is inviting the media to practice Tuesday. Yes, the media will be able to watch the entire practice. I'm sure there will be ground rules on what can be reported. No signals, no communication, little schemes, and whatever else.

It will be fun to have the brethren and the non-affiliated (with the school) media there. I applaud Gundy for this. I think the media will appreciate the opportunity.

The fans get the opportunity next Saturday with the Orange Blitz. I think what both media and fans will discover is that there is plenty of young talent, emphasis on the young. It will make for some growing pains next season, but the Cowboys will be competitive with anyone.

The number of mistakes caused by lack of experience versus teams with more experience that make less of those mistakes will be the difference in the majority of contests. In talent, the Cowboys will have more than many teams they line up against, and enough to match up with those that might have a little more.

Give Gundy credit, sometimes you might not see it coming, but with the two practices this week -- Tuesday and the Orange Blitz on Saturday - he will give media members more opportunity to view practice than any other school in the Big 12.

Baseball and Bats
I am not complaining but now into year four, I believe it is the fourth year of the BBCOR bats in college baseball, I think we are finally seeing the full impact of those neutered instruments. Here are the scores of the Big 12 games played this weekend:
Texas Tech 8 Texas 4 (teams combined for 26 hits)
OSU 2 TCU 1 (17 hits)
OU 2 Kansas 1 (13 hits)

Texas 11 Texas Tech 1 (23 hits)
TCU 3 OSU 1 (13 hits)
OU 2 Kansas 1 (11 hits)
West Virginia 8 Baylor 7 - 12 inn. (17 hits)

There were a few offensive explosions in there, mainly in those games in dry Lubbock. Now here are the team stats so far for the overall season (nonconference mismatch games included).
Batting Average
1. Kansas State .304
2. Kansas .297
3. Oklahoma .295
4. West Virginia .292
8. Oklahoma State .257
10. Baylor .226

Kansas State is averaging a league best 7.0 runs per game. Oklahoma State is averaging 5.3 runs per game and Baylor is low with 4.2 runs per game. ,

1. Texas 2.00
2. TCU 2.78
3. Texas Tech 3.10
4. Oklahoma 3.17
5. Oklahoma State 3.24
10. Kansas State 3.99

I think it's gone too extreme. I would to see a tad bit more offense. The best team in the league ought be averaging more than 7 runs a game, more like 8.5 to 9.0 runs a game. Every team in the league has an ERA of under 4.00. That's too much good pitching or too neutered bats.

Early Big 12 Football
I'm not going to pick the Big 12 1-thru-10, but I will put the teams into three categories as of right now. I'm just going by what I know of all the other schools and what I've read this spring.

Contenders (teams that can win the Big 12 title next season)
Baylor, Oklahoma, Kansas State

Bowl Teams (teams that will contend for bowl bids)
Oklahoma State, Texas, TCU

Lots of Work to Do (teams that have work to do to get where they want to go)
Texas Tech, Iowa State, West Virginia, Kansas

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