Spring Football: Look Out For Webb

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and the Cowboys offensive coaching staff has been high on Blake Webb since before he even arrived on campus. The 5-11, 190-pound redshirt sophomore has legitimate track speed and he can catch. Unfortunately, he can get hurt and did last season.

After catching 14 passes for 218 yards and a touchdown his freshman season the thought was he would really expound on that and become a primary playmaker on offense.

The other day in the scrimmage he showed those abilities, catching several deep balls including a 40-yard touchdown pass from Daxx Garman. He can go deep and stretch the field or he can catch a "now" route and make yards after the catch.

"You know Garman threw the ball great, J.W. (Walshj) threw the ball great, and a lot of receivers making plays," Webb said after the Cowboys scrimmaged in front of the media on Tuesday. "Overall, it was a good day for the offense."

The question begs with so many young defensive backs and the class of receivers that Webb arrived in Stillwater with, including Jhaujuan Seales, Austin Hays, Brandon Sheperd and C.J. Curry, who are all maturing physically and mentally, what's different with the receivers making plays this spring.

"I wouldn't say it is inexperienced DBs," Webb said of the reason for the high percentage of completions. "The offense moves so fast sometimes that it's hard for them to be set up. I mean, overall, they say we have a young offense but we really don't, and once we get going it is really hard for the defense to get in the right spot and it creates openings for us."

Webb was highly successful in high school and also got a good taste of catching passes as a true freshman. It was frustrating knowing the coaches were high on him and not being able to get out there and make good on their thoughts of his potential.

"It was really frustrating last spring because I was injured and then as soon as I got going again, I was injured again and out for the year," Webb explained. "It was a long process but it is great to be back and running around and making plays again."

So what has he done to get back and stay healthy?

"I wouldn't say I did anything special, but I ran indoor track and it definitely helped with my speed because I couldn't run for awhile and Rob Glass and the whole strength and conditioning crew did a great job to help me get back."

Track is an old friend from high school days at The Woodlands. He also was one of the first Cowboys to get an idea of how fast new teammate Tyreek Hill is.

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