One-on-One With Daniel Koenig

Offensive linemen are always more important than the attention they receive. But this spring in the case of Oklahoma State offensive left tackle Daniel Koenig that attention is magnified. Koenig has more experience, a lot more experience, than any other linemen on the Cowboys current starting offensive line.

Daniel is the third and final brother of three Koenigs who have played football at OSU. Douglas and David are older. They all came from Cape Coral, Fla., where OSU alum and Stillwater native Sharon Buckingham had become a friend of the family before ever knowing what a contribution the Koenigs would make to Oklahoma State football. They are kind of the line family of OSU football and similar to the Woods family.

This spring, Koenig has come out of his shell of normally being quiet and showing a different side to his teammates. Here is a conversation we had with Koenig following the Orange Blitz on Saturday.

Do you feel like Last Man Standing with guys like last year's center Jake Jenkins moving on?
Koenig: Kind of, but it's not that bad because we have a lot of people stepping up and that is a good thing.

Okay, we saw you the other day before practice get up in front of the offense, the entire offense, and talking to them. You spoke for a long time and that is something we've never seen you do before.
Koenig: Being here for so long, I realize I need to be a leader. I was kind of scared to speak in front of them. It's kind of nerve racking, you know they're my teammates and I've been here for a long time. I guess I have that approach on them and I can speak to them and they listen.

Doug was more talkative and David was more quiet but he had that mean streak. I thought you were more like David?
Koenig: My friends say I'm a mix of both of them. I have a little bit of Doug in me and I have a little bit of David in me. Doug was the one that could talk to the wall and David was the one that was shy and didn't want to talk to anybody. That's me, sometimes I don't want to talk and sometimes I do want to talk.

How did you feel when you found out that Joe Wickline was leaving?
Koenig: It's been different but it's been very good. That is what is so good about having brothers. Doug and David went through several offensive line coaches, and when I heard Coach Wick (Joe Wickline) was leaving they told me that change is a good thing. I've learned that this change is a good thing.

How do you like new offensive line coach Bob Connelly?
Koenig: He is a good guy and he wants to win, wants us to play well and do our best, and he wants to have a relationship with us.

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