Defense Expects To Benefit From New Rule

It has always been up to the Oklahoma State strength and conditioning staff and the Cowboys players, usually the quarterbacks and the veterans on defense, to make sure summer workouts get done and the new members of the program get something substantial out of them. Now, thanks to the NCAA, members of the football staff can get up to eight hours a week with their players during summer school.

Those hours are in addition to the summer strength and conditioning work done by the players. Two of the hours the coaches have can be used with meeting time and video study.

Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich can have some together time with his quarterbacks. Bob Connelly can continue teaching in the summer with his offensive line. On defense, Glenn Spencer can keep working with young players including giving a crash course on the defense to incoming linebackers that may have to help very early in their careers.

"We get a couple of hours a week and it's huge for me," Spencer agreed. "I'm expecting some new guys coming in that will help."

Video study is very important and a key to what Spencer is trying to accomplish with so many new starters and new players before they actually have to defend an offense in a game, like the defending Heisman Trophy winner in Jameis Winston and Florida State in the opener on Aug. 30.

"I'm not happy, but we got a lot done," Spencer said summing up the spring and then elaborating on how he helps players discover mistakes and learning responsibilities. "Mostly, during the adversity and the tough situations that we put them in that we were watching (on video) and studying and sometimes what we think we are doing and what we are actually doing doesn't match up. Our perception of what we are and what we are accomplishing is not the same thing. Learning that was huge."

Thanks to the new rule from the NCAA the process can continue this summer.

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