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One of the hardest things to track accurately are the offers in football recruiting. You probably never have them totally correct and while Oklahoma State and others schools in the College Football Playoff conferences are sending mail to a large number of prospects, there are fewer that are under serious consideration. Most schools have a rating system and offers are either A-list or Ones.

The next serious category of players being evaluated and strongly considered would either by B-list or Twos. Maybe a plus/minus system is used. Different schools do it different ways.

However, I have been working on Oklahoma State's list and updating the initial early target list we debuted back in January, even before signing day 2014. I did some work on it but sometimes you need a swift kick in the butt.

That kick came this morning when I opened up The Oklahoman to see John Helsley's story on Cowboys recruiting and how the Oklahoma State staff was moving deliberately and more precisely than maybe in the past.

We had detailed that here from the beginning with our recruiting coverage of 2015. The numbers just make it a necessity. I don't know how John got his list but I noticed a few names on it that I had been waiting to add, along with many more that I had been waiting to add. There were also names to take off the initial list and there were players offered and committed to other schools to update. In other words, I needed to get to work.

In between going out on the Oklahoma City Marathon to cheer on my daughter running her fourth half-marathon (and by the way getting her best time, 2 hours and 39 seconds) and watching and keeping notes on the Cowboys critical series clinching baseball win at Texas, I worked on pulling all of my scribbled notes sheets and adding some research to put together what I believe is the closest list you can find on Cowboy recruiting on the internet or in the media.

That list will be updated even more as the OSU coaching staff continues to go through the evaluation period after spring football. They will find some other "must have" guys out there that fit the Cowboys' needs. There will be others that may not fit the needs or may go over and those coaches will battle and lobby for them in staff recruiting meetings.

The way I see it, offensive line and linebackers are critical positions. Both are for establishing better depth and it is a period where new talent that can be groomed for future seasons, making it important to get the right players.

That was a subject that head coach Mike Gundy was asked about and devoted some time in answering with the media during the spring.

"We used to divide our scholarships 41-41-3, our 85 scholarships," Gundy explained to a large group of reporters. "Three years ago we went 44-38-3, and we've pushed more scholarships on the defensive side of the ball. "It's a move that we felt like we had to make in order for us to have enough players on that side of the ball to give ourselves a chance to win the Big 12 Championship.

"The offense struggles a little bit but we feel as if we can finesse and maneuver and use our schemes to make up for defense, where we feel like we really have to stop people athletically and with ability. Two of those extra slots have gone into the defensive line, and it's been three years now, so those are our extra numbers.

"Ultimately it becomes a percentage game. You bring in a certain number of players – you miss on some, some they miss on us - but if you have more opportunities out there, you have a better chance of being an improved defense. That's really the direction that we've moved in the last few years."

The number usually dictate it anyway but you'll notice the biggest list on our updated list is the offensive line prospects. My guess is it will stay that way, but keep an eye on those defensive coaches, especially coordinator Glenn Spencer and cornerbacks coach Van Malone. as they are always uncovering some gems during evaluation.

Cowboys Football Target List

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