NFL Draft Crystal Ball

The NFL Draft commences Thursday night from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The highest selection from the state of Oklahoma, and quite possibly from the Big 12 Conference, will be Oklahoma State's Justin Gilbert. The All-American cornerback and standout kick returner has lately had to deal with being picked apart by draft experts and his physicality or lack of has been a prominent topic.

However, just think Deion Sanders. NFL team don't pay corners for how well they play downhill against the run. They pay corners in the NFL for how well they can cover and shut off receivers. They pay them for ball skills and the ability to get the ball back for their offense.

Gilbert is in New York City and will be in the green room. We predict he will get out Thursday night well before the last green room guest and Gilbert will get to hug NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. You can watch the NFL Draft on both ESPN and the NFL Network.

We made a few phone calls and we asked a few questions but as many of you know it is virtually impossible to figure out where players are going, especially players selected in the second half of the draft or that are signed immediately after as rookie free agents.

We did get out our crystal ball and tried to do a little match making or expert guessing. Here it goes and please nobody get your feelings hurt. In our book all the Cowboys are first-rounders.

Justin Gilbert - 1st Round, 15th selection to the Pittsburgh Steelers
Gilbert is projected to go as high as the 10th selection to the Detroit Lions and the very next pick, the 11th, to the Tennessee Titans. The Minnesota Vikings also have shown interest, but it was Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and Pittsburgh GM Kevin Colbert that were in Stillwater for Pro Day and looked like they saw what they wanted. Besides, if you are Gilbert would you rather give up a few dollars and spots in the draft in order to go to a team that has stability and an identity of who and what they are? More importantly, wouldn't you rather go to a team that has a good chance to win games and make the playoffs.

Tracy Moore - 5th Round, 18th selection (158th overall) to the Dallas Cowboys
Moore joins former Cowboys teammate Dez Bryant. Dallas likes bigger and more physical receivers and Moore could be a good complement on the opposite side of Bryant. Moore may have helped himself more than any other OSU player on Pro Day being in good shape and testing out very well. Moore is a sleeper that could easily turn out to be a very good pro.

Daytawion Lowe - 5th Round, 25th selection (165th overall) to the San Diego Chargers
Lowe will look good in the powder blue and San Diego badly needs help in the secondary and at safety. Do not be surprised if they draft multiple safeties. Like Tracy Moore, Lowe really helped himself with an excellent Pro Day. Teams are looking for grounded, hard working players like Lowe that just want to go play football and aren't into all the other crazy stuff with football celebrity.

Josh Stewart - 6th Round, 37th selection (compensatory) (213th overall) to the New York Jets
Stewey is the kind of player the Jets love to plug into their offense. He can do a multitude of things and he can also return punts and kicks. The Jets need more weapons and Stewart is a good pick up that if he still needs time to mature or adapt in their eyes then he could land on the practice squad and be ready to make the next step. I think he'll make the opening day roster.

Calvin Barnett - 7th Round, 31st selection (246th overall) to the Denver Broncos
The Broncos are looking for some depth at defensive tackle and they will take a chance on a very talented player that may have some knee and shoulder issues to see if the mountain air can help him stay healthy. Barnett is a hard worker and his talents lend themselves to the way the Broncos like their defensive tackles to play. Barnett can be a gap plugger.

Rookie Free Agent Signings
(This is really guessing and based on needs)

Clint Chelf - Minnesota Vikings
Vikings are looking to bring in several quarterbacks.

Zack Craig - Dallas Cowboys
I know the Cowboys are very aware of Craig and he has a multitude of purposes. Yes, because their relationship is pre-existing he can continue to date his Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader girlfriend.

Parker Graham - Chicago Bears
Bears need interior line help and Graham can play guard and also tackle. His versatility will help him make the roster.

Tyler Johnson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Johnson is a Lovie Smith-type of player and the Bucs need lots of defensive help.

Caleb Lavey - Cincinnati Bengals
I know somebody that gives the Bengals some outside advice and they have been touted on Lavey.

Shaun Lewis - Buffalo Bills
A long way from home but this is a fit in so many ways, and Lewis, while he did not run well on Pro Day, can play in the NFL.

Charlie Moore - Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs are looking for receivers and Moore is a great fit for the West Coast style and those routes that Andy Reid's offense runs.

Tyler Patmon - New England Patriots
Does this fit or what? Patriots are always on the lookout for that unsung guy in free agency and Patmon is a fit. Patmon with the Patriots.

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