Cowboys Get A Snub With Seeding?

STILLWATER - It's hard to make a victim of the Oklahoma State baseball team by the fact that the Cowboys are hosting a regional starting on Friday for the first time at home since 2008. The Cowboys gathered in their locker room underneath Allie Reynolds Stadium on Monday and didn't have to wait long so see their name and their regional opponents flash on the ESPN NCAA Baseball Tournament Show.

ESPN started with the first national seed Oregon State and then announced the corresponding regional, and it was the Cowboys and Stillwater.

Oklahoma State will open with number four seed and American East champion Binghamton out of New York at 6 p.m. Friday night. The number three seed is Cal-State Fullerton and the Titans will play the number two seed Nebraska at noon on Friday.

"I've never been told that they pair up 1 and 16 or 2 and 15," Oklahoma State head coach Josh Holliday said. "If that is the case then that is the way they view us, then so be it. Then it is what it is, congratulations to all the national seeds and their resumes speak highly of what they've done but so does ours."

The nice nuance of bringing a former Big Eight foe in Nebraska back to Stillwater is great, but the possibility of getting your work done and then having to go to Corvallis, Oregon to face the top seed Oregon State in a Super Regional matchup in order to get to Omaha is not so great.

That would be a lot of orange and black, and confusing seeing both teams with interlocking O and S on their hats. But Holliday was polite and defended the committee saying he wasn't sure that matching the top seed with the 16 seed was the way they do it in the baseball bracket.

The Cowboys may have lost to TCU and some will think that loss on Sunday in the Big 12 Tournament determined which conference team would get a national seed. I don't believe that to be true as the word on Saturday was the national seeds had already been determined on Friday. I think that is true and it has to be that way in order for the committee to put all the regionals together. The national seeds is the first decision made. TCU got it when they made it into the winner's bracket cleanly in Oklahoma City and with the RPI they were sporting.

The Cowboys players aren't upset with their draw. They look back to Saturday and the way they gutted out a full day at the ballpark and beat a tough Texas team twice to realize how strong they are and how ready they are for the rigors of the road to Omaha, even if it eventually takes them through Corvallis.

"It'll be a good challenge for us," shortstop Donnie Walton confirmed. "I think we are in good shape and I think that showed in the Saturday games against Texas. I think we've shown our resiliency and our mental toughness. We will do whatever it takes to win."

"I think what the kids did last week was remarkable, to play six games against high-end opponents and play as well as they did with Saturday's doubleheader kind of punctuating the effort, also two wins over OU, and I think if you saw those ball games you saw an amazing resilient team that played awfully good baseball with so many contributions up and down the roster at home plate, on the mound, and out in the field," Holliday said.

Oklahoma State opens up with Binghamton at 6 p.m. Friday, wile Cal-State Fullerton and Nebraska will play at noon on Friday. All-session regional tickets are available by calling the Cowboys ticket office at 1-877-ALL-4-OSU.

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