Cowboys Have A Secret Weapon In Zack Ramsey

If you watch an Oklahoma State baseball game while the Cowboys are in the field, you will see first base and assistant coach Roland Fanning constantly moving around Cowboys in the outfield and infield for defensive purposes. Those movements are based on a variety of intel that the Cowboys staff collects, a lot of it from video.

Oklahoma State video coordinator Jeff "Pitt" Naple has long been known for his ability to gather video and to be an ace in the hole for Oklahoma State football, and back in the day Cowboys baseball for Gary Ward and current head coach Josh Holliday's father, Tom, when they were head coach.

Now assistant video coordinator Zack Ramsey has soaked up the lessons well from Naple, his supervisor. Zack has become a bird dog for finding video on all kinds of schools.

In the Cowboys upcoming regional, Nebraska and Cal State Fullerton are a little easier to gather video on but Binghamton out of the American East Conference was not so easy. Zack did it, and Holliday is not surprised.

"Zack Ramsey is not just an awesome fan of baseball, but a key member of what we do," Holliday said in praising Ramsey's efforts. "His willingness to have the video available for us at all times is a huge part of our game planning for opponents, whether it is on the pitching side or the offensive side.

"Our video review has helped us win at least five games off the top of my head. Games where we used what we learned once the game started and that helped us win and that number is just off the top of my head. We're lucky to have guys like Zack and Jeff up in the video center that are willing to work.

"Those guys work awfully hard during football season with all they have to do. For them to do that for us has really, really changed how we prepare for each series. (Zack) found Binghamton video off the American East website and now we have video on all three of our opponents in the regional."

All of that video and the tape watching really does lead to advantages. Holliday and his staff truly believe in it.

"We have a lot of information and with some of our opponents that we've seem multiple times we have a good idea of where the ball is going," Holliday said. "We have a lot of information on the spray charts to see where the ball is going and if you can be a step or two in the right direction that can be the difference in a shoestring catch that ends an inning and ball that falls in and scores two runs.

"We are looking for any edge, any piece of information and any baseball moment that we can find on tape that can help us. Do they take pitches, will they bunt, will they send their runners, do they squeeze, trick plays? If we see it ahead of time then we can prepare for it."

The information age is good to the Cowboys, thanks to the secret weapon, Zack Ramsey.

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