Jones: Still Firmly With Oklahoma State

Doing the old radio show today I got a message from a listener that said they had read on another recruiting site that McKinney North High School standout running back Ronald Jones was looking around. I always believe in going to the source, so we called Jones and asked, what's up?

"The latest, with me?" Jones kind of asked back at us. Told about the story he said, "I'm still firmly committed to Oklahoma State, still solid. I am still getting a lot of mail, but I'm sticking with OSU."

The 6-0, 185-pound speedster that is also a strong runner when he turns it straight up field, Jones said he won't be making any camps or other events this weekend as he is heading to Baltimore for a skills event hosted by another internet site.

"Yes sir, I earned my way into it," he said. "It is a challenge competition and will be at the Baltimore Ravens Stadium. Now coach (Jemal) Singleton said I could come up to a camp at Oklahoma State and I didn't even need to work out and I may do that later. I'm lifting nearly every day and I'm enrolled in summer school."

Jones is a big-play threat with speed and athleticism. As a junior in 2013, Jones ran for 2,406 yards and 39 touchdowns, averaging 9.9 yards per carry as he led McKinney North to the second round of the Class 4A Division I playoffs.

Jones said he wasn't initially thinking of graduating in December but now he is and that is why he enrolled in summer school.

He's still getting mail and he still opens it and reads it, but he seems like he is still committed to Oklahoma State which would make those fans happy.

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