Miles, Cameron's Sons Show Up Well At Camp

STILLWATER - Oklahoma State director of football operations Mack Butler and recruiting coordinator Johnny Barr said Saturday they could not remember seeing two Division I head coaches at one of the Cowboys mini-camps before. In the back of the south end zone of the Smith Center stood current LSU head coach Les Miles and former Indiana head coach Cam Cameron (1997-2001).

Standing in the south end zone with the pair was OSU head coach Mike Gundy. Miles is the former OSU Cowboys head coach who is preparing to enter his 10th season at LSU. Cameron was a longtime NFL assistant and for one season head coach of the Miami Dolphins, and he is now the offensive coordinator for Miles at LSU.

Miles' son, Manny, is a senior-to-be quarterback at Baton Rouge University Lab High School, and Cameron's son, Danny, is a senior-to-be quarterback at Bridgeton Academy.

Both quarterbacks were on the top end of the group of 18 quarterbacks at OSU's camp on Saturday. There were a total of 102 mostly seniors, juniors, and a few sophomores in the camp.

Manny Miles, who is a also a very successful pitcher with a fastball clocked at 88 to 90 miles per hour, threw the ball well. He has good velocity, good touch, and really good accuracy. At a little over 5-11 and 184 pounds, he also ran well and did well in the pro agility drill.

"I'm having a blast and watching my son and seeing him interact with other players and other coaches, I don't think there is any greater way to mature a young man than to have him around an athletic environment," Miles said proudly wearing his white Nike LSU coach's polo and yes, an LSU coach's hat.

"I'm just one of the dads standing on the sideline of the camp rooting for their kid, just like everybody else in America," he added.

"I can tell you this, that I surely enjoyed coming back to Oklahoma State and seeing this," Miles said while pointing at the roof of the indoor Sherman Smith Training Center. "To see the magnificent changes that have gone on and what coach Gundy has done to elevate the program. I'm really proud to have been part of the histories here."

Manny was born in Stillwater during Miles' first stint as a Cowboys coach serving as offensive coordinator under Bob Simmons. Miles said what he learned at Oklahoma State in both stints helped him have the success he's had at LSU including a National Championship.

In his family life, Les and his wife Kathy have raised a standout swimmer in daughter Smacker, who is on scholarship at Texas and is also a very pretty coed that caught the eye of Mike Gundy's oldest son, Gavin, at last year's game in Austin. Of course, Manny, was at the camp Saturday. Benny is next in line and is also involved in sports, and Macy is a softball player.

"We've been blessed with a beautiful group of kids that take after my wife," Miles said of his family. "This quarterback (Manny) that is in this camp was born in Oklahoma and my youngest, Macy, who is a fast-pitch softball gal, was also born here.

"When you consider the years as the offensive coordinator and the head coach here, my kid's have a great history here. It is a great place that you call home or a great kind of place that you've had experiences at.

"I asked Manny, 'What schools (do you want to go camp or visit at)?' He said, 'Well, Michigan, Oklahoma State certainly, and LSU.' I think he's kind of brushing LSU off based on it's dad. I kind of understand that and I want him to have the same experiences the kids have had that coach Gundy and I have been fortunate enough to coach here at Oklahoma State and at LSU."

Miles seemed to have an excellent time greeting old friends and spent a lot of time conversing with Gundy and others at the camp.

Cam Cameron's son Danny also showed up well. The 6-1, 211-pound Cameron is more of a pure pocket passer with a classic over the top release. He did well also drilling with the top level quarterbacks in the camp.

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