Spencer Featured Speaker At Clinic

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Glenn Spencer had an honor on Tuesday as he spoke at one of the more prestigious and tradition-rich coaching clinics in the nation. Spencer delivered the Tuesday afternoon session on Fundamental Linebacker Play and 4-3 Defense Run Fits at this year's Angelo Coaches Clinic, the 41st annual edition of the event.

Other Tuesday speakers at this year's clinic included Texas Tech running backs coach Mike Jinks, Rice co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Billy Lynch, Florida State defensive coordinator and secondary coach Charles Kelly, and new Texas head coach Charlie Strong.

Wednesday and Thursday speakers included the special honoree former NFL head coach and assistant coach Wade Phillips, Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett, Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin, Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, Texas defensive line coach Chris Rumph, and Florida offensive coordinator Kurt Roper.

That's certainly a star-studded event. Spencer said he had a great opening line for his session with so many coaches from Texas Tech and Texas in the house as well as so many outstanding Texas high school coaches.

"You talk X's and O's with them (high school coaches) and you talk ball with them," Spencer said. "Then during my presentation I'm showing some clips of the indoor facility when I'm showing our linebackers and we're showing the season. I'm selling the program and selling Oklahoma State.

"You'll love this, I led off because Charlie Strong was there with his entire staff and the Texas Tech staff were there, Rice and Baylor," Spencer said talking with a degree of satisfaction in his voice. "I lead off with something we talked on the plane about.

I asked the other coaches that were with me, 'Guys what have we done with the Texas schools the last four years?' We've played Texas schools 16 times and we've won 14 and lost just two, 14-2. Now I said we've done that because we're playing with a lot of talented Texas high school players."

Spencer was telling the audience, primarily Texas high school coaches, that their players can come to Stillwater and Oklahoma State and have success against schools back in Texas. It is about selling and Spencer believes in what he is selling.

"As much as we probably wouldn't want to admit it, what we do in the offseason so much is sales," Spencer said. "You are selling your logo, your program, you are selling yourself to these high school players, and these high school coaches directly touch these high school players.

"We want to get out with a good image and want to get out and be visible, and those coaches are going to go back and talk to those kids and try to get them to take visits and get on our campus and go to our camps. That is part of marketing what you are all about. That particular high school clinic has been going on for 41 years."

Now something that is being talked about a lot by Oklahoma State fans is the depth issue at linebacker. Since the end of spring football, it has been revealed that junior college transfer and All-American Devante Averette has a knee injury that will keep him out this fall. Kris Catlin looks like he won't be available reportedly in one story due to academics. It was confirmed last week that Dominic Ramacher is leaving football and OSU to concentrate on majoring in audio production.

Spencer wouldn't confirm or deny any of those roster situations but he confirmed some depth issues and made a promise.

"I was in Altus last week (at a POSSE event) and I got a question about the linebackers. All I could say, and it's the truth and I wasn't trying to be smart about it. I was trying to be nice about it, I said, 'there's going to be three of them line up out there when we play Florida State and they are going to play their tails off, and that's all I know.'

"Who the three are, I'm not sure. I have a pretty good idea on one of them because it's Ryan Simmons and he's proven himself. The others, there is going to be tremendous competition and whatever we lack and this is on the defense as a whole. Whatever we lack with experience we are going to have to make up with other things.

"We are going to have to have an unbelievable desire, kids just playing at an unbelievable level, kids giving everything we can, every ounce out of their hearts, their souls, and their minds so that when we line up against Florida State and every other game this year they are going to play as hard as they can. We will develop them as much as we can and that is all that I know. That is all that I know and I can't say anything else. That is the world that I live in."

Spencer has a way with words and delivery. He is known as a coach that gets his players to play at a very high level. Based on that experience and having seen it, that may be the silver lining at linebacker. That gift Spencer brings to the meeting room, practice field, and game day plus Ryan Simmons, plus James Castleman and a really talented defensive line group, and corners like Kevin Peterson and Ashton Lampkin. All those positive will be needed in assisting a very young group of safeties too.

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