Cowboys Hitting Summer Workouts Hard

If it's Friday morning, then it's the hardest workout of the week for the Cowboy football players in the summer. It's the workout that puts the weekend into good use as recovery before starting another. Crunch time is approaching as the first semester of summer school ends and the metabolic workouts step up, and then before you know it July 30 is here with the team reporting for fall camp.

What I viewed Thursday night was a highly organized player's workout. I did notice within the rules that Rob Glass has more impact on the workout. As it has been in the past, Glass has the right to direct a dynamic warm-up to prepare the players for the workout.

They were not inside the Sherman Smith Training Center but on the outdoor turf field adjacent to the building. I would say the intensity is as good, likely greater than what I've seen of workouts like this at about this time of summer. It was obvious that leaders are developing within the team, as head coach Mike Gundy predicts and encourages with the summer workouts.

There' no question that Daniel Koenig is the elder statesman and leader of the offensive line. A job that I wasn't sure he would be up for but one he began embracing during the spring.

J.W. Walsh has extreme leadership qualities that show up the first time you come in contact with him. Those serve him well, but I also noticed that Mason Rudolph seems more comfortable directing other offensive players, ones that are older than he is. A quarterback, no matter what his age, has to be able to do that.

The offensive workout from pat and go pass period to seven-on-seven to work with 11-on-11 at the end went very smooth.

The defense the same way, although I never watched the linebackers by themselves, Ryan Simmons is the leader and that showed up huge in seven-on-seven and 11-on-11.

In the back end of the defense, cornerbacks Kevin Peterson and Ashton Lampkin are the central figures. Both were wearing track tights on this hot day, which most people would have skipped, but hey, those hamstrings and calf muscles stay warm that way.

The young safeties look good physically and Deric Robertson made several impressive plays. Robertson, Jordan Sterns and Tre' Flowers have a lot of responsibility to work very hard, on the field and in the meeting room, to progress at a very fast rate.

On the defensive line James Castleman may have been late because of pausing to help a mother in need and injured after a traffic accident, but Castleman is the central figure up front with defensive ends like Jimmy Bean and Sam Wren also providing leadership. I also like the body language and the actions of Trace Clark.

As stated in the previous prose on the summer workout, my priority was in trying to eyeball new players and see what they look like. In the linemen groups they really standout compared to the players that have been through the Glass course of strength and speed training for football.

As said previously, I really like the frame of Matthew Mucha. He has the look of a lineman that when he fills out could be special, a young Koenig or Parker Graham possibly. I also like Lem Galeai.

I did not get to see the defense as much but Broken Arrow linebacker Gyasi Akem was impressive and looks like he could help out. I was also impressed with Kirk Tucker, Josh Mabin and Justin Phillips. Jarrell Owens is another newcomer on defense that physically stands out and looks like he could contribute early.

On the offensive side, I like the looks of the running backs as a group. Desmond Roland looks like he has worked really hard, as do Rennie Childs and Caleb Muncrief. Tyreek Hill continues to impress with his work ethic and the consensus, as it was in the spring, is he has a chance to be truly special. Sione Palelei, as mentioned in our previous story, has come in ready to work and is looking the part of someone that could help out soon.

One of the most impressive position groups as a whole are the wide receivers. I think Jhajuan Seales, Austin Hays, Blake Webb and Brandon Sheperd appear to be leaders in this group.

Keep an eye on freshman James Washington as he works very hard and has some special skills and abilities. Fellow newcomer Keenen Brown has the big frame as advertised. This position, overall, has a lot of possibilities including some talented walk-ons from the spring like Kameron Doolittle.

Bottom line, the summer work is getting done. The workout I witnessed was part of it, but those Friday stadium steps followed by a full lift are so much of a part of it too.

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