Lowe Preparing For Camp With Eagles

Former Oklahoma State safety Daytawion Lowe is back home in the Oklahoma City area resting up. But at the same time, he's working out and preparing for the start of the Philadelphia Eagles training camp on July 25 when players are expected to report to the Eagles NovaCare Training Complex.

Lowe signed with the Eagles when he went undrafted in the NFL Draft coming off a season that included 87 tackles and two interceptions to earn second-team All-Big 12 honors.

Lowe did well in rookie minicamp and in the OTAs before also showing up well in the regular minicamp.

"I feel pretty good, it was a lot of learning and starting over with a new system," Lowe explained. "It wasn't too different than what we did at Oklahoma State. The safety positions are interchangeable, so it is you play left or right like at Oklahoma State. For me it is not a huge change. Now, I'm up to speed and I'm looking forward to going back to training camp."

The 5-11, 195-pound safety said the biggest difference is that players are smarter as well as faster and stronger. Lowe saw the Eagles current starting quarterback in college when the Cowboys played against Nick Foles and Arizona. The Cowboys did well against Foles on two occasions. Like Foles, all players get better when they get to the league.

"They are a lot more mature and a lot more smarter," Lowe added. "They understand the game a whole lot better. People are not making mistakes out there. Guys are a lot faster and stronger. It is coming a whole lot quicker."

He said he did not have an "welcome to the NFL moment" or a confidence gaining moment yet. Those will have to come in time.

"No moment but when the veteran players talk to you and the guys help you ... you get confidence from the older guys helping you out and then saying you did it right," Lowe answered.

When asked about head coach Chip Kelly, Lowe kind of became even more animated. You can tell he likes the coaching staff.

"It's been great actually, I think we have a great coaching staff. Coach Kelly is a great guy, like he is real laid back and reminds me a lot of Gundy," Lowe said. "He just runs his program. He disciplines us hard, but he is a player's coach. He's a laid back, cool coach.

"(Todd Lyght) he was actually the one that worked me out on my pro day and he is a great guy to have around and helps me a lot because he has been in the league so long and knows what is going on," he added on the Eagles assistant secondary coach that works with Lowe.

Lowe has always been a country guy. He grew up in the country and going in town to school at Carl Albert in Midwest City. He has his own horse and has ridden horses since he was little. So he said Philadelphia is really big, really spread out, and moves very fast. He added that he could get used to it.

He wants it really bad, playing in the NFL with the Eagles. In a few weeks he will make his run at it. The Eagles will have three open practices in training camp, two at Lincoln Financial Field and one at historic Franklin Field on the Penn campus. They will also camp with the Patriots in Foxboro before a Aug. 15 preseason contest.

"I'm just going to keep working out, doing my cardio," Lowe finished "That cardio is important and that is the most important thing. I need to get there full speed and healthy."

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