Tyreek Hill Will Work With Running Backs

While visiting with Oklahoma State inside receivers coach Jason Ray at Karsten Creek on Wednesday after he finished participating in the Mike Gundy Media golf outing I learned that Tyreek Hill will be a part of the running back drills in practice this coming season.

Last spring Hill started out with the slot receivers and then switched in the spring to the running backs. You never know, that could have been part of the experiment to see where the school's 60-meter and 200-meter sprint record holder belonged.

Hill is blazing fast, as evidenced by his 200-meter championship at the Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Meet, and he was second in the 60-meter sprint.

We know he will return kicks too as Mike Gundy personally supervised his tryout in that role during spring practice. Ray was a primary recruiter on Hill, and along with OSU track sprint coach Diego Flaquer they were able to convince the Garden City (Kan.) C.C. speedster to arrive in Stillwater.

It goes to figure that Ray would get to have Hill in his position group for drills and meetings.

"He's going to go with the running backs," Ray said with a hint of dejection. "It comes down to where he can help us most. He will play a lot of running back, but he can still move out to the slot. I've worked with him on routes and he can do that well."

Ray said he knew the possibility while recruiting Hill that there was a possibility there would be some debate and discussion over where best to use his abilities and speed.

"When he was getting recruited and we'd go watch him, I got a chance to see him play twice and practice once and he did both," Ray explained. "He did everything from wildcat to running back to receiver and he does have some good hands.

"Obviously you get better as you catch the ball more at practice and we catch a lot more balls at receiver than he would at running back, but he does possess some route running ability. He's athletic enough to where he can stick his foot in the ground, change direction and run the routes that we run."

It's not a competition and there wasn't a literal tug-of-war in the staff room over where Hill lined up in drills. Now, there is also no doubt that Hill kicks up the tempo in anybody's position drills.

Jemal Singleton told me earlier this summer and repeated it today that he's really happy to have Hill with the backs. He was even kind enough to let former Oklahoma high school 100-meter champion Caleb Muncrief move from the back to the inside receivers.

"I mean obviously there is a lot of excitement about Tyreek with his speed," Singleton said. "He has a speed not many people get the chance to see, so he can definitely run. We'll see what he does on Saturdays when it matters, but he's done a great job so far.

"He's had a great spring and a great indoor track season as well, so we're looking forward to see if we can utilize his tools effectively on Saturdays."

Yes, running, catching, and returning kicks. Give the Cowboys some time in August as they may find some other ways he can help out.

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