Hindsight Is 20/20 With The Worldwide Leader

Mike Gundy has had somewhat of a rough July. Although today (Saturday), the Oklahoma State head coach is enjoying watching his middle son, Gunnar, play in a tournament championship game in Park Cities, Utah against a team from Fort Collins, Colo., while surrounded by his wife and his other two sons.

Gundy spent his time Monday at Big 12 Media Days in Dallas answering questions, primarily to the local Oklahoma media about the status of felony charged freshman running back Devon Thomas and why the Cowboys head coach wasn't going to attend the ESPN car wash festivities that every other college football power coach was traveling to in Bristol, Conn.

If Gundy had handled the Thomas situation differently he could have saved some of that, but I'm not sure after the fact if Gundy needed to answer anything regarding the ESPN issue.

I have been able to watch the taped programs of ESPN's College Football Live from the last three days. Two of those days the Big 12 coaches were featured on ESPN (five one day and four the next).

Then the Friday show had all the Pac-12 coaches at ESPN. I'm sure that the coaches were on some other formats and shows. I saw all the stuff on the ESPN website like Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury reading love tweets from women who think he is sexy.

I saw SportsCenter from the three days and there were a few short interviews. In the morning at the YMCA while working out I saw that Mike and Mike did not have any of the coaches on.

As for College Football Live, Baylor coach Art Briles was on for a few minutes, long enough for Andre Ware to rescue him from the topic of his non-conference schedule. It was a blatant rescue and journalistically embarrassing.

Bob Stoops got some similar solo time in the Wednesday show. Other than that there were brief sound bites with the coaches, including the Pac-12 coaches in the Friday program.

Not a lot at all and certainly not enough for me or anybody else to balme Gundy for putting family first on the last week before the routine becomes all football, all the time preparing for and entering the season.

A lot of folks second guessed Gundy skipping the worldwide leader's invitation and going to watch his kid play ball one last time this summer. Initially, I thought he should go. I said so on the radio and probably here as well. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20. I can clearly see now that Gundy missed very little at ESPN.

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