Turnover Day For Rob Glass

STILLWATER - In football, turnovers are something that teams work to prevent. But Friday was an annual turnover for Oklahoma State's Rob Glass. Even with the new NCAA relaxation of the rules that allows football coaches to meet up to two hours a week in the summer with their players, those are meetings and not on the field or physical training.

It is Glass and his staff (Gary Calcagno, Joel Tudman, former Cowboys player Trumain Carroll, and Jeff Hunt) that have the players in the summer for all of the physical workouts, and then it is Glass that monitors the player-led workouts in the summer evenings. Most years this equates to a good turnover as the coaches are happy with how the players look and that Glass and his staff feel good about the work put in and the results.

"I think the kids have had a good summer and that they've worked hard," Glass said. "I feel like we are in a pretty decent condition. It is so hard right now with the climate and cool temperatures to get a good read on them. I think we have had a good summer.

You can't help but eyeball the new players at the first practice, going around to each position group to take a look at the new players, the freshmen and the transfers.

Glass and his staff have worked throughout the summer getting those guys up to speed. Having been at several summer metabolic practices at night I've seen some of those younger players. I've asked Glass about them and heard him give credit to athletic additions like receiver James Washington, running back Sione Palelei, and defensive end Jarrell Owens.

Veteran players like quarterback J.W. Walsh, linebacker Ryan Simmons, receivers Jhajuan Seales and Austin Hays, offensive tackle Daniel Koenig, defensive tackle James Castleman, and cornerbacks Kevin Peterson and Ashton Lampkin as well as others who showed the way with their leadership.

Still, Glass and Co. were dealing with many more young players than a year ago.

"Very true, and for a lot of those guys we had to revamp what we do because when you have a lot of newer guys their bodies haven't adapted to our program, so you have to reduce the volume (of work) just a bit," Glass added. "We're even doing that at practice now. You have a lot of young guys and you can't go in full throttle like we did a year ago with all those older guys."

"Rob (Glass) and these kids did a great job, and they've all got a great attitude," defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer said after the first practice. "Until we put pads on, we really won't know a whole lot, so we can't tell if we've got the toughness to win at this level yet. That's a process."

"Yeah, with coach Glass, there's usually a difference with the guys between each year," offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich added. "Whether it was from last spring to last summer or last summer to last fall, he always does a great job. He and his staff work hard to get these guys in good shape, and they've done well over the summer with helping the younger guys develop their bodies."

Now that he's turned the team over, that doesn't mean Glass and his staff take a back seat. In fact, the full team had a lift session Friday, offense for one hour, defense for the other.

The pace of practice and even the conditions inside the Sherman Smith Indoor Training Center can be adapted. Glass brags about the versatility of that facility and how they can cool it down when needed and make it hotter than it is even outside if they want. Those options will be used through the rest of camp.

For now, Glass has laid a foundation that the football staff will build on leading to Aug. 30 and Florida State.

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