Cowboys Practice Notebook: Day 4

One of the first periods after stretch is special teams as the Oklahoma State Cowboys always do a PAT/field goal ladder with the field goal team and the block team. They then will break into another special team discipline, which Monday was punt and punt return.

The Cowboys head coach was into it as he stayed with the period after the whistle blew, personally tutoring the punt returners. Gundy was very technical in coaching the approach and run up to the ball and the timing required to comfortably catch the ball and then take off on the start of the return or the decision to make a "peter call" and get away from the ball.

Gundy takes special teams very seriously and has been involved in coaching them since the departure of Joe DeForest and even some before Defo left. He told Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World that the first place a lot of young players may get a break to play is special teams.

“If a guy is on the field for 55 plays on defense, you can’t put him out there for 20 plays on special teams,” Gundy said following the Monday morning practice session at the Sherman E. Smith Training Center. “So you have to play young guys.

"There will be a considerable number of game plays this year when we have a lot of young guys on the field. They’ll be considerably better by the fifth game than they will be at the start.”

Duffy Misses Practice
Safeties coach Tim Duffie has an illness in the family and he had to be away from practice on Monday. That is a bonus in having Duffie and Van Malone sharing the secondary as Malone took over and handled both positions on Monday. Malone used to coach the safeties.

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