Cowboys Practice Notebook: Day 5

Mike Gundy joined in with a lot of fans on radio and message boards when he discussed the progress and the abilities of, to this date, unused quarterback Daxx Garman. Fans have been curious about what the former Jones High School star and Arizona scholarship quarterback is capable of doing. Gundy was asked to compare him to former standout and All-Big 12 quarterback Brandon Weeden.

"There are some similarities. Brandon’s situation was different because then, I was coaching the quarterbacks most of the time," Gundy said of Weeden's time as a backup to Zac Robinson. "I didn’t give very many reps to (backups).

"The reps now are spread out more than they ever have before. Weeden was on the back-burner at that time. With Zac (Robinson) being here, he was a proven guy. The style of offense we had with Zac really didn’t fit Brandon.”

Weeden changed that and now the Cowboys offense can adapt to a wide variety of quarterbacks as Garman and true freshman standout Mason Rudolph are not identical to J.W. Walsh. Gundy hinted that the staff is getting German ready to play some against Florida State.

“We’re getting him ready to get 10 or 15 snaps in the first game," Gundy said answering a direct question. "He’s just had a unique situation for the last five years.”

Reading between the lines, I honestly don't expect Garman or Rudolph to play unless needed. If the game is close and the offense is having success under Walsh, I would expect Walsh to stay on the field. Gundy has always said he prefers to have one starting quarterback that handles the position.

"I would always prefer to say, 'OK, here’s our guy, and the (No. 2 quarterback) is ready to play,'" Gundy explained. "That’s my best-case scenario. But if you have guys who bring something different to the table, and that’s what we have right now, you’re a little reluctant to disregard the (backup quarterbacks).”

Like the fans and Brandon Weeden in the spring, Gundy can appreciate how Garman throws the ball.

“He has a nice rotation on the ball, (but) there are a lot of guys who had success in the NFL while throwing somewhat wobbly passes," Gundy added. "They talked about Peyton Manning last year – a lot of his (passes) didn’t spin well, but he was accurate. Accuracy has always been the most important aspect of throwing the football.”

Gundy Goes on Jim Rome
Mike Gundy took some time Monday afternoon to appear on The Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio. Rome, who is billed as cutting edge and controversial, has handled Gundy with great respect in his interviews with the Oklahoma State head coach.

Rome asked Gundy about the time taken to follow his son's youth baseball and miss the ESPN car wash all of the other coach's in huge power conferences were attending, his team this season, the opener with Florida State, and a few other topics including coach's salaries.

Gundy said he likes going on with Rome as he has regularity done that show as well as Sports Talk with Robert Allen and Friends on Triple Play Sports and several shows on The Franchise in Oklahoma City.

"That's my buddy Jim Rome. We're tight," Gundy said to the media after practice on Tuesday. Told he and Rome kind of resembled each other, Gundy responded. "We do? He's got a mustache or a beard, doesn't he?"

Seminole Wind
Have you ever heard that song "Seminole Wind" by John Anderson? It's a good song and it's appropriate in Stillwater as there is no doubt that the Seminoles are on the Cowboys' minds.

The players talk about the motivation that game brings in getting ready to start the season. Gundy was asked after practice if that challenge of playing the defending national champions and top-ranked team has turned into a good opportunity?

“Once we signed on to play it, then it fell into that category," Gundy answered. "It’s a great opportunity for the coaching staff and the players, period. (Gundy’s scheduling preferences) are irrelevant, at this point. That conversation took place in February. This is where we are. This is the game we have.

"We’ve had plans through the summer to get ready to play and compete and try to find a way to win the first game. That’s the only thing we’re concerned with, other than getting better each day and developing young players.”

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher did not mention it Monday after the Seminoles first practice, but you have to think it is brought up some in Tallahassee too.

NFL Scouts At Practice
This was the first of the Cowboys fall camp practices that was available to the NFL scouts. Oklahoma State, like a number of schools, has gone to designating practices that the scouts can watch and take notes. It's another way to stay a little guarded with your preparation.

Four teams were represented on Tuesday with the NFL champion Seattle Seahawks having a scout at practice, along with the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and New Orleans Saints.

Hines and Family at Practice
Very few freshmen rock the college football recruiting world like Plano East linebacker Anthony Hines III did last season. The 6-2, 215-pound Hines made 125 tackles with 29 tackles for loss, 11 sacks, and a fumble recovery. He also ran 23 times for 146 yards and caught five passes for 73 yards. It is his defensive ability he is wanted for.

Hines III had 49 scholarship offers last fall and this spring and summer. The sophomore that is a member of the class of 2017 is verbally committed to Mississippi State but obviously still looking around. After all signing day for him is not until February 2017.

Among his offers are Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Baylor, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Kansas, LSU, Miami (Fla.), Michigan, Mississippi, Notre Dame, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Nebraska, Ohio State, OU, South Carolina, TCU, Texas A&M, Tennessee, UCLA, Washington State, and West Virginia.

Hines III appeared to be with his mother and father and seemed to enjoy himself watching the practice.

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