From The Coordinator: Hill Will Be A Key

Oklahoma State was back on the practice field Tuesday for the first of the two heavy days of work on game week. They will be in pads against Wednesday, perhaps just shoulder pads and helmets but it will still be a heavy day of practice. Tuesday night on his coach's show, Mike Gundy spoke of having the game plan ready to go back in June before the coaching staff hit the camp trail in Texas.

There have been some adjustments to the plan throughout the summer and even some this week. However, offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich said he will go with what they can run the best.

"You look for match-ups that give you an advantage, which is tough to do with a defense as good as (Florida State's)," Yurcich said. "Then you have to call what you have been running in practice, what your offense can execute. We will run the plays that we've been practicing for the past several weeks."

Yes, some of those plays involved the speed and explosion of newcomer Tyreek Hill. Hill showed in the spring that he was tough enough to play at running back and he is also able to catch the ball and move outside and become an effective receiver. It is important in our estimation that Hill get every opportunity to make an explosive "home run" type of play that will get the attention of the talented Seminoles defense.

"It's a lot of fun having Tyreek out there," Yurcich said last week to the media. "He's a very explosive athlete, and he's also a very skilled young man with a great attitude. It's a lot of fun having him. He's an easy-going guy, but he takes his job very seriously at the same time.

"I can't say that I know him as well as coach (Jemal) Singleton, but he seems like he is very business-like and has a great demeanor about him. He's a very fast guy, he's good in the open field and he can cut. He's got some juke to him, as well as some great straightaway speed."

Florida State knows Hill as the Seminoles coaching staff offered him a scholarship and brought him in on an official visit. He's on the scouting report, but if he gets in their head with an early big play then J.W. Walsh at quarterback, the other running backs Desmond Roland and Rennie Childs and the hefty list of receiver talent on the Oklahoma State offense become much more effective and even the offensive line will find their job gets easier.

Those receivers are the position you get the feeling that Yurcich wants to tap into.

"Their explosiveness, their ability to go up and catch the ball, their route running skills and seeing them improve on the perimeter," Yurcich explained when asked how they had improved. "We have a unique set of receivers who aren't just good going on the field, but also with presenting matchup problems against smaller defensive backs.

"Most of our receivers are over six-foot (tall) and have some strength to them, so seeing them be aggressive on the perimeter is very important, as well. That's what every offensive coordinator likes to see."

Seeing them running in the open is also something every offensive coordinator likes to see, and if Tyreek Hill does his thing a couple of times then space is going to be much more available.

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